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Sam and Max Walkthrough
Season 1, Episode 1: Culture Shock

Take the boxing glove from the windowsill. Walk right and take the bowling ball. Open the closet door. Take the gun from your inventory and shoot the cheese. Take the cheese. Use the cheese on the rathole. Have Max threaten Jimmy's ears. Have Sam offer him something for his headache. Have Max "hang Jimmy out to dry". Walk out the office door.

Walk right to Bosco's Inconvenience. Ask Bosco what he's selling ("What've you got?"). He'll mention a tear gas grenade launcher. Keep asking about it until he mentions the price - ten thousand dollars. Head out of the store, past your office, to your car. Pick a random car and shoot out its taillights with the gun. Ram into the back of that car, click on them, and tell them to pull over. Charge them with "hideously broken taillights" and they will pay the fine. Click the office button in the lower-right to go back. Head to Bosco's. Buy the Tear Gas Grenade Launcher. Head left past your office to Sybil's. Open the closet door. Talk to Sybil until she suggests Peepers has been hypnotized. Shoot the Tear Gas Launcher at Peepers. Then when he's crying use the boxing glove on him. That's one Soda Popper down.

Exit Sybil's and take the spray paint off of the yellow car behind your car. Use it on the image of Brady Culture in front of your office, next to the stoop. After Specs comes to fix it, head upstairs to your office. Look out your window and use the bowling ball on Specs. Go downstairs and talk to Specs. That's another one down. Go to Bosco's store. Take the cheese off of the table. Go over to the bathroom and click it to have Max go. Whizzer will have to go, too. While he's in there, put the cheese in his crate. The anti-theft system will knock him unconscious. Talk to Whizzer and he'll drive away. You'll get in your car automatically. Avoid the boxes to get close enough to shoot out his tires. Do so and you'll get to Brady Culture's Home for Former Child Stars. Take one of the admission forms near the monkey. Drive back to the office. Go to Sybil's and talk to her. In the inkblot test, pick the answers with the following: "pennies", "opulent mansion", "wallet", "stock exchange", and "debit card". Do "free association" next. If she mentions anything related to dentistry - specifically "crown" or "drill" - then use the gun on her. Otherwise, it doesn't matter. Now do the dream analysis. I had a couple different requirements for this part. If it says "marry your mother", say that the shadowy figure is Sybil and the donut box has wedding cake in it. If it says "see your peers age", say the shadowy figure is Max and the donut box has a birthday cake in it. There may be other ones, but I can't see what they are. You should have all three symptoms now. Go back to your car and head back to the Home. Use the form on the form reader. Go through the now-open door. Brady Culture will rant and then hypnotize Sam. Sam will be delivering videos to Bosco's store. Grab the cheese from the sale table as you pass it. Sam will get knocked out.

Now you're in your dream office. There are some Brady Culture mental images you need to destroy. Flip the light switch near the door. Take the coat-hanger antenna from the top of the TV. From that spot, you'll be underneath Max's head. Shoot the one-way sign. You'll grab him as you fall. Use his head on Brady Culture with Max's body. Go to the right and open the closet door. Use the bicycle pump. You'll escape the dream. Head to Sybil's. Ask her "can you help me?" Take the blueprint she gives you and go show it to Bosco. Go back to your office and take the coathanger off of the TV. Bring it back to Bosco's and show it to him. Drive to Brady Culture's home. Go through the door. The Soda Poppers show up but are hypnotized again. Click the Soda Poppers to use mind control commands on them. Say "Become...Brady Culture" to learn the "Worship" command. Tell them "Worship...Me". Brady Culture will throw a fit and yell "Me me me". Tell the Soda Poppers "Attack...Me" and they'll take him down. That's the end of this episode.

Sam and Max Walkthrough

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