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Sam and Max Walkthrough
Season 1, Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die!

Take the boxing glove off of the lawn near the pool. Examine the pay phone to the right of the door. Get in your car and head back to the office. Call the white house and say "Hello. Please hold." Head back to the White House and go through the door. Exit and go back in. Talk to the president and offer to interpret. Say that Whizzer asked for a soda. When he asks for a bathroom, tell the president he asked "which way is the war room?" Chuckles will leave with Whizzer. Use the boxing glove on the president.

Now Max is running for president against a giant robotic Abe Lincoln. Use the listening device on Lincoln and collect it. Take a flyer near Lincoln's feet, too. Head back into the White House. Take the pithy campaign slogans that are next to the camera. Head out and into your car. Head back to the office. In the alley that you park the car in, there are some posters on the back wall. Examine them. Take the one that falls down. Head to the right, toward the store. Talk to Hugh Bliss. Ask him to do a magic trick. While he's gone, take the "free home delivery" sign. Walk back to the car and drive to the White House. Put all three of the cards and posters onto the cue card stand. Talk to Lincoln. This will start a debate. Now you want to ask questions where Lincoln will make himself look bad with the cue cards. The issues you want to match are: "Toxic Waste"/"Free Home Delivery", "Religion and Schools"/"Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right", and "Tax Plan"/"Gimme All You Got". Click the cue cards between questions (stop the debate) and click the cue cards to scroll through them until you get what you need. After you knock him down on all three issues, it's time to mess with his family values. Drive back to the office and submit his flyer to Sybil. Go back to your office and use the bug on the phone. Call Sybil and use the sound bites in the following order: "I, Abraham Licoln, am that man." "This is a date that will be remembered for centuries to come." "I stand here at the steps of the White House." "The time to act is now." You automatically drive to the White House. Sybil will confront Lincoln, who will deny knowing her. His popularity will drop again. Now Max has enough votes to win the election. Lincoln goes crazy and runs off on a rampage.

Head back to Sybil's. Ask her how her carbon dating device works. Head back to the White House and go inside. Look at the national budget. Allocate the money to Sybil's office. Go back to her office. Take the carbon dating device off of her desk. Go to Bosco's Inconvenience. Use the carbon dating device on the hot weenies. Head back inside the white house and use the budget again. Allocate the money to Bosco's Inconvenience. Go back and talk to Bosco. He finishes the missile defense system and gives you the truth serum. Head back inside the white house and give the truth serum to Whizzer. War will break out in the Dakotas and the War Room will open. Take the ribbon off of the president's desk. Give it to the Secret Service Agent. The title you give him doesn't matter. Change the date on the calendar to secretary's day. Talk to the agent and give him a vacation. Go into the war room. Go to the end and use the targeting computer. Fire a missile at Bosco's store and it will be intercepted by his missile defense system. Head back to Bosco's store. Take the targeting beacon from behind the right-hand camera (look for the antenna). Go to your car and chase after Lincoln. Use the beacon on Lincoln. Head back to the war room and launch a missile at him. He's defeated, and this episode is over.

Sam and Max Walkthrough

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