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Sam and Max Walkthrough
Season 1, Episode 5: Reality 2.0

Head out the door and go right, to Bosco's. Talk to Jimmy and ask about selling the cannon. When he says no, exit conversation and try to pick up the cannon. He'll shoot at you. While he's reloading, click on him again to stuff him into the cannon. Now you have a rat cannon. Head to Sybil's. Use the rat cannon on Sybil. Follow the top conversation all the way through. Head next door to the boarded-up tool shop. When you're talking to C.O.P.S., follow the top path all the way through again. Once you get the chip, exit the conversation and head back to Sybil's. Use the chip on the VR goggles. Leave Sybil's VR office. Head to the control room. Talk to the right-most computer (the little bleepy one). With pop-ups disabled, go out and get the jack-in-the-box.

Go back in and talk to the bleepy computer again to re-enable pop-ups. Use the computer bug from your inventory (it is the listening device's VR equivalent) on the stand-up arcade machine. Go out and click on the floating coins. Go back in and take the computer bug off of the arcade machine. Put it on the computer with the green line display. Head to Sybil's VR office. Click on the closet door to slide under it. You'll get another coin. Go take the bug off of the computer and put it on the phone. Exit Reality 2.0 (the option is on the bottom-right of the screen) and head to your office. Once inside, put the goggles back on. Click on the rat hole to go in. You'll beat up Jimmy and get the fifth coin. Walk back to the control center (you don't need to go out of VR) and take the bug off of the phone. Walk to Bosco's. Talk to the internet wizard on your way over. Ask about a magic trick. He gives you paint. Head into Bosco's. Ask to buy something. Take the wooden longsword. Go left to the sludgie machine. Use the sword on the slime that comes out. Attack with item (wooden long sword). You take its slime.

Go back to the control room and disable gravity (use the bug on the arcade machine). Jump up onto the roof of Sybil's. Use the slime on the stuck +2 sword. Jump back down and go back to take the bug off of the gravity machine. Head to Bosco's. Take the VR goggles off. Grab the binoculars. Put the goggles back on. Use the +2 sword on Bosco. Return to reality. Talk to Bosco. Ask "Why's your money on the internet?", then "How do we pay you online?", then "What's your bank account password". Finally, tell him "Look behind you!" and use the binoculars on him when his back's turned. Go back to Reality 2.0 and use the rainbow paint kit on your car. Paint it blue, red, and purple to correspond with your license plate (BRP).

Head to You'll pass the barrier - if your colors were wrong, you'd get pushed to the side and see a bunch of other cars with colors matching their license plates go through. Unlock Bosco's box on the table with his password ("Bosco"). Cook the books in this order: "Pro-Lobby Lobby", "Bosco" (so his arrow is pointing up), "Grandma Bosco", "Hollywood Cognoscentti", "Pro-Lobby Lobby" again, and finally "Digital Business". Go to Bosco's in non-VR. He gives you the "virus". Go back into VR and head over to the mailbox. Use the +2 sword on Auntie Biotic. You enter a fight scene with her. Use the Jack-in-the-Box when she attacks and the pop-ups will protect you. Use the +2 sword when it's your turn to attack. With her defeated, use the computer disease on the mailbox.

Now you're in an old text-based version of the game. Try to get the Respect for Living Things. It slides away. Go east. "Get" Bosco's store. Go west, then northwest. Use Bosco's store on the nauseating lake. Go southeast, then down. Use the nauseating Bosco's with the corporate presence. Get the respect for living things. Go up. Use the respect for living things on the internet. With one last cryptic hint, she dies. That's the end of episode 5.

Sam and Max Walkthrough

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