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Sam and Max Walkthrough
Season 1, Episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon

Go into the gift shop. Take the spoon bending display. Give it to Max, who swallows it. Leave the store; Harry will frisk you, but find nothing. Talk to Superball. Ask what he's doing here, then ask to try spectrum analysis. Get the unicorn. Go to the lunar lander and check the door. Get in the car and go back to Earth. Go into your office and take the coathanger off of the TV. Head to Bosco's. Put the unicorn in the microwave. Head back up to the moon. Use the coathanger on the door to open the lock through the crack in the window. Show the red-horned unicorn to Superball. Head in. Talk to Abraham Lincoln. Ask "What's your problem?", then "So why are you so upset?", then "We'll help you with Sybil." You need to appeal to Sybil's interests, so say "Just relax, baby" (referencing the sign in her office), "Lady, you a stone cold fox" (referencing the stuffed fox), and finally "Play some one-on-one love hockey" (referencing her current job as Queen of Canada). He pukes up the Gastrokinesis talisman. Use it on Max. He throws up the spoon-bending talisman.

Go and talk to C.O.P.S. Ask "What are you doing here?", then try their video game - tic tac doom. You have to lose to convince them that their AI doesn't need improvement. Basically, try to stay out of his way - you might tie a lot, but as long as you don't complete a chain you can't win. When you beat them, they'll give you the see-through-lead talisman. Go over to the right and talk to Philo. Ask "What's with the hat?", then leave. Head up to the surface. Use the display case with the lunar lander's rocket engine, then use the key on the lunar lander. Take the spoon-bend talisman from under the lander. Head back to Earth. Use the spoon-bending talisman on the bent parking meter. Go up to your office. Use the Gastrokinesis talisman on Leonard Steakcharmer and he'll puke up the deed to the United States. Head back up to the moon and into the compund. Go to Philo Pennyworth and click on his hat. He gives it to you. Go up the rainbow elevator. Use the lead vision talisman on the intimidating door. Use the spoon-bending talisman on the sconce holding the bowling ball. Hugh turns everyone on Earth into himself - or his personality - then separates three of Max's body parts into separate people.

Head out the door. On the lower level, use the spoon-bending talisman on the giant spork that the statue is holding. Go near the red Max and, when he's standing on the rollercoaster, shoot the button. Head up to the surface and then back to earth. Give the deed to the USA to Sybil for 100 trillion dollars (she isn't so generous before she's hit by Hugh Bliss' beam). Go to Bosco's store and buy the earthquake device. Next, use the magician's hat and throw Jimmy at the Gluttonous Max. Then use the magician's hat again to pull him out, along with Max's stomach. Head back up to the moon. On the surface, use the earthquake maker. Slothful Max will be flipped over. Click on him to take his tail. Go back into the Blister of Tranquility and up the rainbow elevator.

Now is the final confrontation with Hugh Bliss. When you're strapped to the Wheel of Death, look up to the top-left and use the spoon-bending talisman on the spoon holding the magician's talisman. Then use the magician's talisman. Use the magician's talisman when he starts sawing you in the next part. Saw wherever you want, it doesn't matter yet. Next you blast off in the Lunar Lander. Once again, use the magician's talisman. You get put into the cleansing bath of annihilation. Magician your way out again. Click on either the crystals or the magic items to continue. He starts it over. Use the magician talisman to escape the first two things again - when you have the saw in hand, use it on the lunar lander. Magic your way out of the Cleansing Bath of Annihilation and then use the key on the lunar lander to heat it up. Hugh Bliss is vaporized and this season comes to a close.

Sam and Max Walkthrough

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