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Sam and Max Walkthrough
Season 2, Episode 1: Ice Station Santa

Go outside. Talk to the robot. Ask him "Why do fools fall in love?" He'll turn towards your office. Head upstairs and grab the wind-up key through the window. After the opening credits, go into the workshop. Take the Boxing Betty and World's Simplest Maze from under the tree. Talk to the elf near the tree. Follow the third path down on his conversation listing until you can offer to make him cry. Tell him Santa isn't real (it's on Sam's conversation list). He'll come to the conclusion that he doesn't exist either and start crying. The tree will grow. Take the watering can. Talk to the red elf and ask where all the other elves are, then who is making the toys. Go to the gift dispenser and take the gift tags. Go outside and use the elf tears on the topiary. Click the giant topiary to climb up it. You're inside Santa's room. Look at the parchment near the chimney. To the left of the room there is a record sticking out of a shelf. Take it. Exit the room. Go back into the workshop and talk to the red elf. Ask about the horsemen action figures. The horsemen went to your street.

Go out to the car and drive back to the office. Go into Bosco's. Talk to him. Ask about the package. Leave and go into Stinky's diner. Talk to "Stinky". Ask her why all the people are here. Ask her "How's business" and she says her feet hurt. The quiz contest - when you go through with it - is basically "whichever answer is left". So here's how it works: Sybil picks the actually correct answer, Lincoln picks whatever you tell him, and the bug picks D. You can gauge Sybil or the bug's reactions by telling them what your answer is and seeing their reaction. So what you need to do is: find the correct answer (which Sybil will vote for) and eliminate D (which the bug will vote for). Tell Lincoln to vote for one of the remaining two choices and pick the one he doesn't pick. You get one of the four horsemen figures - pestilence. You exit the diner. Go right and look at the garage. Ask them to pimp your car, then accept the horseman. You have to earn it through a driving challenge, though. Hit 30 of the dolls on the road within 60 seconds - using the keyboard makes it really easy. When you win, go to your car and take the Death ornament off of the hood. Go over to the left, past your office, to the robot innards. Use the Boxing Betty doll on the robot innards after Jimmy takes the trophy in. Play the boxing minigame until you win the horseman. There's not a lot to the game - just a sense of timing. Dodge to the side that the rat raises his fist from, then hit him. If you've played Punch-Out!! this should be a piece of cake (and you can enjoy a couple in-jokes as well). There are two matches before you fight Jimmy, and when you do he has a big glove on his right hand (your left side). If you don't dodge it, it beats you in one hit. Beating him gets you the War horseman figure. Jimmy threatens to kill himself. You can't say anything to get him down. Leave him and he'll just stay there. Get back in the car and head to the north pole. Go to the gift-dispenser computer. Pick the ticking stopwatch and use the gift tag to send it to Bosco. Head back to the office and go to Bosco's. He puts your package in the bomb disposal. While he's distracted, Max opens the package, which contains the famine horseman. That's all four. Go back up to the north pole and into the workshop. Put the four horsemen figures around the magnetic north pole. Put the satanic record on the player. The correct lyrics are "Like gelatinous goo", "In Lower Manitoba", "Like Mimesweeper", and "Hey, Shambling Corporate Presence" (these are all gathered from clues around the workshop, specifically the crate and the red computer). The demon is exorcised from...the red elf? Santa comes out to shoot at it, but you need the Christmas spirits to hold it down. Santa and the Demon both run off.

Go into Santa's room. Open his safe and three Christmas spirits pop out. Talk to them and then leave out the chimney. Go to the right and go through the portal to the past. Watch the scene. You need a boxing glove. Jimmy's got the one in the present, though, and we can't coax him down (without killing himself). Put the World's Simplest Maze in front of the rat hole. Turn on the TV. Go back to the present and show her to Jimmy Two-Teeth, who's still up on that building. You take the glove. Go back to Christmas Past. Give the glove to Jimmy. With that, Christmas Past is saved. In Christmas Present, the Bug has been found by his family. Go near them, and they will think it's their dad - you need to trigger a flashback in the Bug using some cleaning crew materials or fluids or something. Get a snowball from the reclamation area in front of the workshop and use it on the bug (in the portal) before it melts. The bleach in the snowball gives the Bug a flashback and his family leaves. Now for Christmas Future. The future Sam and Max are stuck on an island surrounded by lava. We need to get that sleigh going again so we can send it to them. We need coal for that. Go to the gift machine and send a footbath to Stinky. Go to the diner and collect her sock. Take it to Santa's room and use it on the stocking stuffer. It fills up with coal. Use the sock full of coal on the boiler of the sleigh. You get in the sleigh and rescue yourselves. The future is saved. Use the bottle on the Shambling Corporate Presence. The monster is reduced to a Jell-O dish, which Santa eats.

Now you have to fight Evil Santa again, only this time he's actually possessed. Use the gift-dropping computer to your left, then shoot the switch when the bomber's positioned above the trampoline. Shoot the cannon to make it fire, bounce its cannonball off the gift and the trampoline, and into the bomber. Shoot the switch again to make the bomber spin around, and shoot the switch a third time when it's over Santa. Santa gets knocked into the box and things wrap up.

There is a "side-quest" in this episode: you can run over more Torture Me Elmers in certain time limits to get decals for the back of your car. This doesn't get you anything, but it does carry over to Season 2 Episode 2 and onwards.

Sam and Max Walkthrough

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