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Sam and Max Walkthrough
Season 2, Episode 2: Moai Better Blues

Go into Bosco's. Ask Bosco how to stop the triangle, then how to talk to it. Go into Stinky's Diner. Take the stop sign off the wall. Use the stop sign on the triangle when it comes by. Go through the fairly linear conversation with the stone heads. Go back through the portal and go right, then talk to COPS. Ask about their new game. Play the game when you're given the option. You have to hit the bagpipes with your car - hitting them plays notes which form a song (the first one is "I've been working on the railroad). Beating the challenge gets you a car horn that plays that song. Sam takes it and puts it in his inventory. Go through the portal. Go forward and try to go into the hidden cave. You're stopped by a baby version of Jimmy Hoffa. Exit the conversation after you ask whatever questions you want and head left towards the Tiny Tiki. Take the Tiki Glass off of the bar. Take the mallet off of the ground near the other instruments. Show the car horn to Glen Miller. Use the Tiki cup on the Paci-Fire dispenser, then use it on the fire. Get some water from the dispenser and put it in the kettle. That'll get the other sound that Glen wants. You get a conch shell that holds a recording of the song you make. Go back and show the conch shell to the middle Moai head. Leave the area and come back. Lincoln and Sybil will have a fight. Now shoot or use the mallet on the silver gong on the left side, next to the buried guy. Go shoot the yellow gong on the right side as well. Use the conch shell on the middle head, then shoot the buried head. The middle one is the guardian of wind, so her whistling causes a breeze. The buried one is the guardian of the storm, so his annoyance or anger causes a storm. The breeze will carry the storm through the portal to kill the fish in the fountain.

Take your Tiki cup and get some water from the fountain of youth. Go attempt to give the water to Jimmy Hoffa. He says you need to be in a union to give him a drink. He'll let you join if you can ride the surfboard game. Go left and use the tray he gives you on the surfboard. This game involves keeping your balance as the surfboard moves, and also avoiding the thrown bottles. The main challenge involves keeping the bottle level. Tilt in whatever direction the bottle is farthest from - if it's on the right side, lean left, and vice versa. Go back and show the tray to Jimmy Hoffa. Give him the water from the fountain. Jimmy will blink out of existence. Head into the cave.

You have to fulfill the three prophecies the sea monkeys set for you. First, go to the left, take the travel guide, and use the radio. Flip the transmitter (note the Metal Gear Solid joke along the way) until you hear Bosco. Click the speaker and tell him "We are observing your Earth". He'll panic. Head right and get the bowling ball. Head more to the right of the cave and get the red-ink snail. Leave the cave. Take some more water from the fountain of youth. Go back through the red portal to Sam and Max's street. Go into Bosco's, which is empty. Take some Banang (next to the periscope and the bomb dispenser). Go into Stinky's. Ask her about the special. You need to see her as a kid to get some basalt, but the fountain's water doesn't last long enough to reach her. There's a gong on her wall, but it has no gonger so it can't make a portal. Use the red-oozing snail on it, then shoot it to summon that big red portal. You can get into your office now. The main purpose of this portal change is to get the fountain of youth water, so go through, scoop some up in the Tiki cup, then go back through and drink it. Ask for the special. Take the basalt sandwich and give it to the right-side Moai. Say anything to him to make him shake.

Head back to the island. Head back into the cavern and use the banang on the ceremonial urn. That's one prophecy down. Go to the right-hand pair of feet. Take the stalactite off of the ground and use it on the Max-like shell. That's two. Go back up and hit the gong next to the middle Moai statue. Go back down and hit the yellow gong on the right-hand side. Talk to the ocean chimps and tell them "the feet shall now anoint Max!" Put the conch shell through the yellow triangle and the middle Moai will move her feet. After the cutscene, press the big red button. Go back in the pod. Go to the right and take the High Priest's Medallion and the sock crown. Use the medallion on the red slime to make it a red octagon. Exit the cavern. Shoot the gong on the volcano island across the sea, then shoot the low, reachable silver gong to the right side of the Moai heads. Use the red octagon on the silver triangle. The big purple triangle stops in front of the volcano just as it erupts and the island is saved. This episode is done.

Sam and Max Walkthrough

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