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Sam and Max Walkthrough
Season 2, Episode 3: Night of the Raving Dead

After the intro, leave the office. Head to Stinky's. Ask her about the sunlamp, and ask her if you can have it. Go over and click on the sunlamp (next to Abe) to take the bulb. Head out and go to Sybil's. Ask Sybil about the soul mater. She won't be done with it until a man reaches the last stage of her dating process. Head out and go right to the garage. Ask COPS about the zombie factory and they mention a town in Germany. Go to the Desoto and drive to Stuttgart. Once you're there, head right and look in the open grave. Take the brain. Go to the door of the castle. Look in the trash bin for some garlic cigarettes. Click on the door to knock on it. Superball will block your entrance. There's a gargoyle near your car - throw the brain up to it. The zombies will crowd around it but not be able to reach it. To get in, you'll have to put the cigarettes back in the trash. Once inside, go to the bar (on the left side) and take a bottle of water. Head outside and back to the Desoto. Then head back to the office.

Put the water in the ceremonial urn. It will become sanctified as holy water. Go to COPS. Ask them about the decals, which will lead to them talking about their new wireless antenna. They'll give it to you if you beat their mini-game. Right click to throw CDs at the zombies - the CDs will "hook" slightly, so launch them before you reach the zombie. The farther away from you the zombie is (on a left-to-right scale) then the more time you have to give the CD to reach him. Hit 10 in 60 seconds and the antenna is yours. It's installed onto your car, so you can't just yank it off this time. Head back to Stuttgart. Put the holy water in the trash bin and go into the castle. Ask Jurgen about Midtown Cowboys. Go out to your car and head to the TV studio. Talk to Featherly. Ask him about being big in Germany. Follow that conversation path until he mentions applying to Ms. Pandemik (Sybil). Talk to the director and say you're ready to film. The show will go automatically. Max will pull malt liquor out of Featherly's bag during the show, and sales for it will skyrocket. Go back to Stuttgart and get your holy water and cigarettes from the trash bin. Put the clove cigarettes in the bag. You'll take the malt liquor. Ask the director to film again. Clove cigarettes will become big in Germany. Head back to Stuttgart. Put the holy water back in the trash and go inside. Jurgen will be smoking the clove cigarettes, but will choke on the garlic. The zombies will think he is less cool. Go back outside and take the holy water. Have Max drink some. Put the holy water back in the trash and go inside. Talk to Jurgen. Make fun of him. He will challenge you to a freestyle competition. On all the answers, choose the most gothic-sounding ones (the fancy dark titles for Sam and Max's names, "We'll knock you out deader than Bela Lugosi", "Our world is endless torment and sorrow", "Cause all creation ends in death and decay". When Jurgen goes, he normally bites Max and then steals your rhyme. Because of the holy water, Jurgen will be weakened by Max's blood. The zombies will be unimpressed by Jurgen's acts. Go to the left and read the coffin. Then head over to the DJ booth. Click on all the middle buttons (the ones that are purple, orange, and yellow) to identify their sound. Once you've got them all labeled, play "Death", "Sepulcher", "Embrace", and "Letters" - the last words of each of the poem's lines. The coffin will open. Go into it. Use the UV bulb on the spotlight. Go back down. Go to the DJ table and mess with the different songs. Eventually Jurgen will try a new dance. The UV bulb will burn him.

This will be the last straw for Jurgen's coolness and the zombies will desert him. He'll go through a hidden door in his fireplace. Go after him. It goes back to the beginning, and you promptly die. You come back as zombies, though. Talk to Zombie Lincoln. Go through all the conversation options. He's a married man, but not happily so. Try to talk to Superball and all he can hear are groans and moans. On the plus side, you can talk to zombies now (as evidenced by your conversation with Lincoln). Talk to the zombie to the left of Superball. Ask him about being zombies. He says you still have your souls. Head into the castle. Lincoln will follow you. Try talking to any of the zombies. Flint Paper will come in to save you. Zombie Lincoln's brain fell out, but you can't get it until Flint is gone. Head back into the fireplace. Your souls are there, but won't re-join you. Take the bolt cutters from the right-hand side. Take a stake from the left-hand side. Look at the painting - Jurgen is standing in front of the plaque that is now too broken to read. You can see the words "Abyss", "Razors", "Pain", and "Parents". Go back downstairs and use those words on the DJ mixer. Go through the bookcase. You get Lincoln's brain and knock Flint down. Leave the castle. Use the bolt cutters on the antenna. Head back to the office. Follow Jesse James' hand into the diner. Stand to the left of the hand and click on it. It'll keep shooting at you, the recoil of the gun knocking it back after every shot. When it's at the right-most side (next to the glass dome) click on Stinky. He'll take a shot at her and the recoil will send him forward, past the glass. Stand to his left again and click him. He'll take another shot and the recoil will send him into the tar cake. Take his hand from the tar cake.

Go back to Stuttgart. Head inside and up to Jurgen's room. Use Jesse James' hand on the monster's hand slot, and Lincoln's brain on the monster's head. Use the super antenna on the power slot and then flip the switch near the monster. Flip it again to bring the monster to life. Talk to the monster. Ask him what his problem is, then say you have the perfect bride. Go to Sybil's. Talk to her, then use the question cards. Pick #3 first; when it reaches Harry's turn, use the Tiki head. Harry will yell out and Sybil will take it as his answer. He'll leave. He'll be replaced by Superball. Pick question #2 and the monster will use Jesse James' hand to shoot a love message to Sybil. Pick question #1. The monster needs a heart of gold. Take the chocolate heart from the table and go back to the dungeon. Use it on the alchemy machine to turn it to gold. Go back to Sybil's, look at the table of body parts next to the monster, and put the gold heart into the monster. Ask question #1 again. Ask question #3 again now that Superball is here. She chooses the monster, then changes her mind and goes back to Lincoln. Take the Soul Taker off of the desk. Go back to Stuttgart. Go up to Jurgen's room. The soul taker puts your souls back, but in the wrong bodies. Jurgen wakes up. Give the soul taker to the monster, then pull the switch for the soul sucker machine. Go in it (click on it as it is closing up). Normally the soul sucker just puts your souls back in the wrong bodies again, but when the monster has it both your souls go to him. Go to the left and get another stake. Attack Jurgen with it - you're faster than you were in Max's body, so you stake him. He dies and passes on, and your souls end up in the right body.

That's the end of Chapter 3.

Sam and Max Walkthrough

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