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Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough

Collect the talisman. Exit the room and head right. At the end take a left through the doors. Take another right and a left at the first hallway. At the end, turn right and then left again. Finally, you leave the hospital. Cut scene. Out of the hospital, turn left and head back towards the motel. Watch for flying bugs and dogs. About half way up on your left you will see a place called Heavenís Night. Go up the stairs and enter this bar. On the right you will find shotgun shells and on the left table you will find a first-aid kit and beef jerky. Leave this bar and head back to the main road.

When you get there turn left. At the end of the road turn right and right again into the motel. Straight across from the entrance youíll find your room #106.

Cut scene

So now you want to head northwest on Nathan Ave. to the amusement park. Go straight out of the motel and turn left. Once youíve gone far enough you get a cut scene.

Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough

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