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Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough

This is my first attempt at a walkthrough so let me tell you what to expect.. I like to play games and occasionally I would like a hint as to how to get from one place to the next. Like a friend who says, "Hey, did you try this?" Thatís what this is going to do.

Hereís what itís NOT:

* This is not a novel. You bought the game to play it not so I could read it to you.
* Itís not a manual. I donít know the real names of all the monsters. Again, I assume that if you bought the game you have some interest in it. I donít work for, nor did I use any manuals to gather info.

Hereís what it is: * A spoiler free way to get from point a to point b.

Some things in the game are case sensitive, like a health drink vs. first aid kit or bullets, and the game will change what you get. All of the puzzles are also random so I tell you how to solve them with an example of what I got. They also change depending on your difficulty level. I played normal/normal. I have no idea, again this isnít a manual and I didnít consult one, how you obtain ranks and special effects. I know that once you beat the game you can get new clothes. I read this in Game Informer. It also said how to get some other items but that wasnít the point of this walk through. Hope you enjoy the extra help and please send all of your comments to neobyrth@hotmail.com

Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough

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