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Spiderman 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 8: Sugar and Spice

* Go to Doctor Octavius’s Apartment
* Buy Level 4 swing upgrade from store
* Earn 3000 more Hero Points

The first part is obvious, go to the store and buy the upgrade and any other goodies you see fit.

Now head toward the white marker in the Upper West Side. The change spot is on top of a roof. Change and a cut scene. As you leave the building, you remember you must meet Mary Jane. This is a timed mission to reach the marker. Once you get there, you get a cut scene to a new mission. After you defeat several you have to chase a car down, (see citizen missions) then 2 more jump out that you must defeat. Once they’re done you have a timed mission back to the theater. Cut scene.

Chase the cat for a few seconds. Cut scene. Follow her another minute or so and get to a cut scene. Now you jump down into quite a brawl. Move around a lot and when you see the glow above your head, duck. Try to keep the guys disarmed as you pounce them. Once you finish you get a quick cut scene and you’re back as Spider-Man.

Continue to earn Hero points until you reach the 3000 mark. This isn’t too bad because the previous missions give you over 2000 points.

Spiderman 2 Walkthrough

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