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Lisa Shea
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Spiderman 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 15: To Save the City

* Go to your apartment

Head to your apartment, the white marker. Once there you get a secret token. Cut scene. You have a timed mission to the top of a roof to change. You have to race to a marked spot. Be careful when you arrive, itís right on the corner of a building. Cut scene. This is a boss battle. The key here is take your time and donít rush. Wait for him to attack you. Make sure to dodge ? and then hit him with a web ?. He will do this several times really quickly. Once youíve pinned him down run in for one or two good punches and then get away. Heíll get up and start over. Dodge those punches again while quickly webbing him and then run in while heís pinned. This takes about 5 or 6 rounds. Defeat him and you get a cut scene.

This may be the most difficult timed race in the story. You really only get just enough time to get there with no mistakes. Be careful not to head straight toward the water because there isnít much to swing from. Try to go down between the buildings. You really want to land on the roof of this building because crawling is way to slow and mysteriously Spider-Man canít jump this two story building. Once you do make it on to the top right of this building you have to walk to the light to open the roof and then drop in to complete the challenge. Cut scene.

This mission is very similar to Chapter 10. Instead of 4 panels to shut down, you have 9. You also have a boss chasing you around trying to beat you and you have water which is instant death. (side note: why did the developers make Spidey take such a graceful dive if it leads to instant death?) There are essentially 3 levels. The lowest level has a panel on the ceiling. The ground floor has 3 in the side rooms. The Upper levels have 4 and there is one on the upper wall toward the ceiling. There is no real order to obtain them but I found the one underneath hardest because it was above water. So, try this, as soon as you start run of the ledge to your left. Once you hit the ground floor, press O and run into the hole in the ground. You are now crawling on the ceiling. Use L2 to crawl to the panel in the corner. Once there turn around and you should have just missed the pulse machine. Now crawl back and go to the ground floor. Move around as much as you can while locating the switches to avoid the boss. If he does manage to catch you remember this, Dodge O Web TRIANGLE. You have to them as quickly together as you can and right after the light above your head, your Spidey Sense. Once you stick a couple of his arms continue your search. After all 9 have been switched, you get a cut scene.

The trick to this is to take your time. Start by pressing the DOWN on the d-pad to lock on to your target, the boss. When he catches up with you, wait for a rapid succession of attacks. Watch for the Spidey Sense to trigger, thatís the light above your head. When it lights you need to hit Dodge O and Web TRIANGLE really quickly. You need to do this to him 4 times in a row REALLY quickly. More if you miss an arm. Once all 4 arms are stuck run in and punch him 4 or 5 times really fast and swing away. Repeat this several times. After about the 5th attack you get a cut scene.

The Credits Roll ...

Spiderman 2 Walkthrough

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