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Spiderman 2 Walkthrough
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113. There’s an Exploration Token Set called "Secret Token Set".
114. There’s a special speed upgrade that will eventually be available at the store.
115. One set of Exploration Tokens is the "Buoy Token Set".
116. One set of Exploration Tokens is the "Skyscraper Token Set".
117. Get Hero Points for Exploration Tokens, Challenges, Hints, and more.
118. Charge jump while swinging for more control.
119. One set of Exploration Tokens is the "Hideout Token Set".
120. Hold ? grab to crawl off the side of a building instead of jumping.
121. There are 4 sets of Exploration Tokens. You get a few points for each but a bunch and a title for completing the set.
122. You get more juice for your spider reflex meter by being stylish.
123. Swinging from one web to another without jumping can be good for corners and stopping.
124. There are 40 titles you can earn.
125. You can earn health back by stopping random crimes.
126. You can actually attack from a wall jump. 127. Charge your jump while swinging and release at the bottom of the arc.
128. You should be able to travel stylish with the various swings, zips, etc.
129. Swinging low gives you more points to attach but more things in the way. Swinging high gives you fewer of both. Look for a mix.
130. You can take the Queensboro Bridge out to Roosevelt Island.
131. From swinging hold L2 and press O to go into a wall sprint.
132. Look in bushes and stuff for hidden items.
133. Press O repeatedly to restore balance if you get knocked down or slammed into the air.

Spiderman 2 Walkthrough

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