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Spiderman 2 Walkthrough
Hint Markers : Lower West Side

166. Press O to throw a bad guy after roughing him up.
167. Talk to the citizens. Theyíll fill you in about crimes and other stuff.
168. Improve the range on your good toss by holding the O. It works like charging a jump.
169. Take weapons away from baddies by tapping TRIANGLE.
170. If your try to take a weapon from a baddie without a weapon youíll blind him.
171. You can dodge at anytime.
172. You can dodge pressing O but you must time it right.
173. If your try to dodge to early you wonít do anything.
174. That web-zip can be pretty handy. Play around with it.
175. You can use a charged jump while stopped to jump from the top of one building to another.
176. Use L2 to sprint. Itís not good for corners so tight corridors would be bad.
177. If youíre confused by all of the controls, look at the pause menu for a diagram.
178. Those blue disks around the city are challenges and are rated by difficulty.
179. If you push into a wall as you move along it youíll wall slide. From that you can jump, stick, sprint, etc.
180. Move the camera around to get a better look at things. You can always re-center it.
181. Charged jumps move you forward and up. If you want to go higher, stop first.
182. Dodging is very important.
183. If you web tie an enemy and pull back heíll come flying right to you.
184. If you sprint when you charge jump, youíll go further.
185. There are a lot of different ways to use the charged jump.
186. After a few trips the Spidey-Store youíll have a mess of new moves to try out. Most can be done by pressing different button combos.
187. Every green hint marker is a direct line to me. Iíll give you advice and hero points.
188. If you played the last game youíll notice some things are different. Hope you enjoy.
189. You want Hero Points. They can get you upgrades and finish off checklists.
190. There are over 200 hint markers. If you get them all Iíll be pretty impressed.
191. You can stick to walls. yeah!
192. Check out the Spidey-stores. The have all kind of great stuff.
193. Check your to do list if you want to know what to do.
194. (on top of tall building) You can use your charge jump to jump between these two buildings.
195. Try the impact web. It doesnít hurt the enemies but itís a good way to put a stick on someone if you donít want to keep a web line attached to them.
196. Use Lock on camera to keep up with a baddy. This can be toggled.
197. Holding L2 press O to sprint along the wall and then jump off again.
198. Stop whining. Just because thereís only one attack button doesnít mean itís the only one you can use. Show some initiative.
199. Buy Cannonball kick from the store and you can attack from a swing.
200. While flying through the air press X to do all sorts of things.
201. Donít hit the ground, it will hurt you.
202. Press and hold R2 to set up two lines instead of one.
203. Charge and jump from a wall to keep your momentum.
204. Hop up in the air and press [] to do a spinning kick. Itís a good way to avoid an attack and attack at the same time.
205. Hold the O while webbing up a bad guy to grab him.

Spiderman 2 Walkthrough

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