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Spiderman 2 Walkthrough
Hint Markers : Central Park

31. When your Spider Sense goes off, press O to stop the knuckle sandwich.
32. Dodging is stylish.
33. Clean swings are stylish. Clean swings means not hitting buildings.
34. Linking stylish moves together is more stylish that doing them individually.
35. A joke about Mysterio.
36. Black Cat is Felicia Hardy.
37. Head to the Daily Bugle for extra Hero Points.
38. Extra Hero Points.
39. Use web zip, L2, to get a little extra "oomph" if you might not make it to the wall.
40. Use the left analog stick to direct attacks.
41. Go spend points at the Spidey Store.
42. Look for little doodads called Exploration Tokens.

Spiderman 2 Walkthrough

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