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Spiderman 2 Walkthrough
Hint Markers : Upper East Side

43. Some advanced attacks will only work with Spider Reflexes.
44. You only have a little time to link stylish moves.
45. Do the same trick twice in a row and the combo ends.
46. Hitting a wall ends your style chain unless you wall sprint.
47. Extra Hero Points.
48. Ode to Spider-Man.
49. Comments about John Jameson.
50. Doc Ock is the main trouble maker.
51. Something about eating a sandwich.
52. Comment about Rhino.
53. Joke about the voice actor.
54. Take a break from crime fighting and go visit Mary Jane.
55. Head to the Pizza place to earn Hero Points.
56. Look for people in distress. Once you start you must help them.
57. The mini-map shows locations and bad guys.
58. As you progress, items in the store will be more powerful.
59. Ever wondered how spider-sense works? Me too!
60. Nonsense about Mary Jane.
61. There are more that 100 challenge markers in the city.

Spiderman 2 Walkthrough

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