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Spiderman 2 Walkthrough
Hint Markers : Midtown

65. Comment on J. Jonah Jameson
66. Spidey fought Green Goblin last go round.
67. If youíre lost you could use a map like everyone or climb a tall building to get your bearings.
68. When swinging around listen for calls of help and other sounds.
69. You can pull a guy to you while falling. This was a repeat.
70. Use the map to find hint and challenge markers.
71. Spidey pulls his punches in fights.
72. Spider-Man was bitten by a spider.
73. Dodging interrupts other actions.
74. Look for challenge and hint markers.
75. The tallest building in the city is 350m or 1148 ft.
76. Central Park is in the northern half of the city.
77. Donít fall in the water.
78. Check a place thugs hang out periodically.
79. There are 6 hospitals across the city.
80. There are multiple Spidey Stores, all with the same stuff.
81. Only one arcade in the city. It has only 4 games.
82. You donít always have to charge your jump.
83. The benefits of Spider Senses.
84. Do tricks in the air to max out Spider Reflex Juice.
85. The map shows bad guys.
86. Complete your To-Do list to advance chapters.
87. Head to Daily Bugle.
88. Get extra Hero Points for challenges.

Spiderman 2 Walkthrough

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