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Spiderman 2 Walkthrough
Miscellaneous Missions : Pedestrian Missions

You’ll quickly find that most of these missions, even when called something different, are really just the same mission. Even those will begin to repeat with no rhyme or reason. Here are the basics.

1. Armored Car Robbery-Same as "Stop the Robbery"

2. Mob Attack: Once you talk to the person, a group attacks from all around. Just attack using punches, webs, and blocks.

3. Save a Jumper-Timed Mission. Get to the marker before time expires.

4. Rescue People on the Boat-Similar to the timed mission but once on the boat you have to take the people back to shore one at a time.

5. Stop the Robbery-You have to go to the yellow marker where the store is being robbed and beat up the baddies. Once you have them a bit tattered they’ll take off in a car. You need to catch up and land on the car. Use [] to damage the car until they stop and get out. Finish off the last two baddies and then collect the stolen case for your points.

6. Police Shootout-Same as "Stop the Robbery" except the baddies are on the street shooting at police.

7. Stolen Car- You need to catch up and land on the car. Use [] to damage the car until they stop and get out. Finish off the baddies by fighting, dodging and web swinging.

8. Help the injured Citizen-Run to the injured person. Press TRIANGLE to pick them up and then rush to the yellow marker where the hospital is located. Just good web swinging will get you there.

Spiderman 2 Walkthrough

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