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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
US Embassy to Dili - You're Just Here for Douglas

You're told there are Indonesian Militants - and that you don't care about the hostages. Your task is simply to recover / destroy security intelligence. CEO Douglas Shetland is trapped inside the embassy.


Turn left, and go forward and up ladder. Now go right and up a second ladder.

Go past first window - crouch beneath it to get under the spotting guy. At the second window you're told to freeze. You hear voices. "I heard Pandora Tomorrow and then a lot of gibberish" says the poor guy ... then you hear a shot. Apparently the guy heard too much.

Crouch and go under the window. Keep going past to a 'climb out' spot where you can get onto a pipe.

Go up to the ledge, then around right to a ledge across to another pipe. At this point you hear a guy beating up another guy, saying "Talk, damn you!" This sounds like your man.

Go on the porch and sneak up on the bad guy SLOWLY. Grab him and knock him out. Get a satchel and ammo, which you can't carry (assuming you've been good and non-violent up until now).

Talk to the hostage. He says he tried to destroy the computer but it might be too late. He gives you a storage device. You read it.


Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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