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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough

The Splinter Cell line just gets stronger and stronger with each release. With this third game, Chaos Theory, you really get incredibly savvy AI as well as multiple pathed gameplay. You can of course win each level in a way we did NOT try. But we went for stealth, and here is how we achieved 100% repeatedly on each area.

Be sure to go through the training and tutorials! That will tell you every keystroke combo you need to know.

Punta Blanco Lighthouse - Outside Talara, Peru
Getting To the Tents
Getting To the Lighthouse

Pacific Ocean - 90km Southwest of Panama Canal
Getting To the Ship's Office
Finding All the Crates

Mcas Banco de Panama - Panama City, Panama
Getting To the Lasers
Getting To Three Guards
The Vault

Manhattan Garment District - New York City, USA
Getting To the Mag-Locks
Getting To Dvorak

Offices of Displace Int - Midtown Manhattan, New York City, USA
Getting To the Prince of Persia
Getting To Hokkaido News

Private Retreat - Outside Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan
Getting To the Phone
Getting To Helicopter

NKA Coastal Battery - Outside Uppori, North Korea
Getting To the Missile Areas
Getting to the Launch
Dealing With the Launch

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Review

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