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StarCraft Walkthrough
Protoss 3: Higher Ground

This mission has you taking on two broods of Zerg: the Baelrog and the Tiamat. You begin in the SE corner, and now you have scouts. Scouts are fun - take care of them and don't let them get blown up!

You're up on a platform level, and both bases are down in valleys. One is in the middle, and the other is to the northeast. Plant a bunch of troops northwest of your base, at a chokepoint, and you can keep their forces from getting in to your base. Put a bunch of cannons in there, and they'll never get through.

I took out the central base first. Put a bunch of cannons by the northern ramp down into their base. Work your way and clear out this den. Start mining in this area once they're dead, setting up a second base for yourself. You can also mine to the far southwest and northwest, giving you in total three extra sources of income.

Once you're reset on forces, head against the second base. At this point it should be pretty easy to clear them out.

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