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Starship Titanic Walkthrough
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You begin the game in your typical little house, listening to classical music and minding your own business. If you glance at the TV on your left, there's Douglas Adams telling you to "get on with it!!" :) There is a computer with three CDs next to it. The two nondescript ones do nothing, but the Starship Titanic one begins the game. CRASH. The starship itself smashes down through your ceiling.

You talk to Fentible, the doorbot. He asks you to help them. Even if you say "no" he takes that as a form of yes :) He gives you the picture to take along, and you go into the ship. You don't have an opportunity to do anything else. You push the top button and go to the lobby level.

You end up in the forum - go to the right to the "Plinth" and push the button. You get the opening credits. When it's done, you switch to CD2, and now you're in the forum with three doors, the front desk, and the monkey.

Starship Titanic Walkthrough
Starship Titanic Review

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