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Startopia Walkthrough: Tutorial 5: Combat and Conquest

Combat isn't as key in this game as it might be in many others, but it's still important to understand. It's also pretty straightforward. To create a muster point for your troops, just right click for a while on the ground. The more you click, the 'stronger' the muster point is. That influences how many units go to it.

In the same way, you can click on an enemy in order to attack it. You can change the 'priority' of enemies so your units are more or less likely to attack them.

You can even break into enemy areas of a starport. You break into the door first, and then break into the room itself to take it over. You can watch the progress of both operations by watching the circle change color over the droid which is performing the takeover. At the end of this tutorial, be sure to protect your droids! Otherwise you won't be able to finish the takeovers.

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