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Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2
8: Raid on Bespin

To get rid of those gas platforms, don't shoot at the turrets. Instead, fly low, then as you fly up at them, shoot out the fire you see inside. Shoot *just* below the fire at the thing that's making it. That'll cause them to crash to the ground! Just fly low fast, fly up, hit the brakes and shoot it for about 1 second solid. Then fast to the next one.

1 at the first, 2 at the second, 4 at the third. Send your buddies after the fighters. At the 2nd one, shoot out the big cigar-shaped ship when it's by the platform to get your upgrade - upgraded concussion missiles! That's the A-WIng's secondary missile.

Now use your targeting computer to find the power generators in the canals. Once you do the city will be powerless. Fly up high, look down with the targeting computer, and go for the yellow blocks. Blast with 2 missiles each.

Now defend the platforms. Take out the balloons right near them, not all the rest. Then Just shoot the bombers as they come, and you're set! You'll see them as yellow in your computer. They take quite a few hits to go down.

Gold Medal:
110 enemies
65% accuracy
29 friendlies
0 lives
72% computer

Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2 Walkthrough

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