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Syberia 2 Walkthrough
Romansburg - Getting to the Monestary

Just a warning, this part is REALLY tedious. You go down to the bar because of course somehow Hans knew by osmosis that the horses were there (since he refused to talk to you about them). You find him and he collapses. POOF you two are back to the train and he's delirious. When you leave his room, Oscar is there to chat. You talk to the Colonel who pulls down the ladder and lets you take the winter clothes from up there. Go into the bathroom on the train to change.

Down to the girl, who tells you about monks and their healing. The bartender explains that you have to make a shroud-print of Hans' face and bring it to the monestary before they'll treat him. He says that the girl has control of the linens to do this. Back to the girl. Why didn't she tell you this when you were talking with her before? In any case now she gives you a token.

Get some wine and cheese here and be patient. Yes, you have to walk ALL the way to the bridge and do a 2 second operation - i.e. put the token in the device there and get a linen. Now you have to walk ALL the way back to the train and down inside it to get to Hans to do a 2-second operation of putting the linen on his face. And then you have to walk ALL the way back to the bridge again to go across it and up to the monestary.

Syberia 2 Walkthrough

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Syberia 2 Review

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