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Tekken Tag Tournament Walkthrough

Even the sub-games in this game are fun! This is of course based on the real game of bowling, so the normal rules about spares and strikes apply. If you've never bowled before, a spare means you hit all the pins down with two bowls in a row, while a strike is when you knock them all down with just one roll. Both get you extra points.

Getting multiple strikes in a row get you TONS of extra points, because the effect is cumulative. They also have cool names:

2 = double
3 = turkey
4 = 4 turkeys

You can even get your character to slide down the lane if you don't release properly :) You can also bowl into the crowd and hit them if you're feeling cruel.

You need to choose a med powerful person so you have time to aim. If your character is too powerful, the ball will go too fast and it'll be hard to aim it.

In order to get the 200 point bonus, you need to get all of the pins down each time - i.e. you can't leave any standing after your 2 balls. You need to get a fair # of strikes to hit 200. When you do reach 200, you can now change the jukebox music.

Tekken Tag Team Walkthrough

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