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The Sims Paintings:
Zodiac - Astrology Paintings

Paintings let you beautify your Sims homes with your own personal touch! I've personally created a different painting for EVERY Sim astrology sign!! Feel free to use and enjoy these paintings, but please do not copy them onto your own website. Link to this site if you'd like people to enjoy my paintings!

Click on an image to download the IFF file for that painting. Just plunk that painting IFF file into your DOWNLOADS directory to gain access to it. Read Help with Downloading Files for more information.

Paintings for Each Astrology Sign

Aries, the Ram
Taurus, the Bull
Gemini, the Twins
Cancer, the Crab
Leo, the Lion
Virgo, the Virgin
Libra, the Scales
Scorpio, the Scorpion
Saggitarius, the Archer
Capricorn, the Goat
Aquarius, the Water Bearer
Pisces, the Fishes

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