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TimeSplitters 2 Walkthrough
Challenge and Arcade Notes

These notes aren't complete and really in order. I'll work on that later.


Big Series A
Club soda: Team Deathmatch in Chicago as Louis Bignose. 20 kills for gold.
gold: new character - slick Tommy. New char #2 - Jimmy Needles.

Station Stand: Zones in snowy place as Female Trooper. 10,000 in 4 min 30 sec
silver: new game mode - zones. gold: new char - Lt. Shade

Men in Gray: goal oriented in waterfall map as Private Grass. Follow instructions.
Seize middle ground - get to waterfall. #2 - destroy fuel drums - take all out.
#3 - destroy computers - all in back room. Get ALL FOUR green monitors plus all computers.

Too Hot to Handle
Monkey immolation virus: as Venus Starr
bronze: new game mode: flame tag mode. Silver - nothing.

Disco Inferno
silver: new char - Louis Bignose

Burn Depot - you're viola.
Silver - new arcade level - night club.
Gold - New arcade league - honorary (with all amateur done). New game mode - virus

It's a Blast
Night Shift: leech - you get points when harming others
silver: game mode leech

Spoils of War - thief first to 25 pts . You're Sgt Cortez.
silver - game mode thief. when die drop coins. get coins = points

Demolition Derby Deathmatch.
silver: arcade level robot factory.
gold: char - male trooper. game mode - vampire.

TimeSplitters Walkthrough

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