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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Trace Memory is an interesting game. It's rated for teen, and while there isn't a lot of real violence in it, I do have to agree with the teen rating. It's got a lot of pretty psychological discussion in it. The main character - a 13 yr old girl - has been living with her aunt since age 3. She remembers seeing her mom shot, and has been told her parents were dead. She's just discovered her dad is alive. What follows is her and a ghost friend tracking down the deaths / suicides / murders / etc. going on and there are a lot of arguments about parents who don't care well for their kids.

Even as an adult, I ended up talking over a lot of these issues with friends while playing the game, as they were moral questions that were interesting to discuss.

Try not to read ahead - these puzzles are really all the game is about. If you just "walk through" it, you can literally be done with the game in maybe 2 hours. The whole reason the game is long and enjoyable is that you test your brain solving the puzzles. Make sure you take the time to do the puzzles yourself!

Chapter 1 - Ghost Memories
Getting To the Island
The Island and Graveyard
The Mine and the Main Gate
The Guardhouse and the Mansion Door

Chapter 2 - The House of Edward
Getting Through the First Door
Music Room and Butler's Room
Gold and Silver Rooms

Chapter 3 - The Memory of Frannie
Art Studio, Henry and Mary's Room
Frannie's Room and Henry's Study
Music Box and Stone Wall Door

Chapter 4 - Family Reunion
Storage Room and Kitchen

Chapter 5 - Retraced Steps
Lawrence's Room
Typewriter Room
Research Lab
Trace Machine

Chapter 6 - Buried Truths
Stairs and Cave Walk
Discussing the Memories

Epilogue - the Miracle of the Blue Moon

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