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The World is Not Enough Walkthrough:

OK, it's a hostage mission. I actually like these, the quick-reflexes with a real human reason to shoot quickly. Start out by going down the stairs and chatting with the guy there. You have to drain out the oil, by, strangely, going to three different areas and rescuing hostages in each one. Hmmmmmmmmm.

OK, Channel 1. Sneak in and hit the various guards. You'll get told when the channel is free of guards, and you can change the switch from on to off. One down, two to go.

Make sure you go into the non-channel door and grab the various items in it. Then head down to the Channel 2 door. Knock out the guard on the outside area, then take out the hostage guards. Yup, take this one offline.

Yet another full-of-stuff room, and then you're at Channel 3. Once again get through all the guys there. Drain the oil and you're set to go. Now go into the control room and shoot everyone there. Head on to the pipline, shooting as you go. Don't forget your night vision glasses.

Protect Christmas as she works in there, and then run for the rig. You're all set!

The World is Not Enough Walkthrough

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