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Tzar Walkthrough:
Mission 4

This is the first building-a-fort mission, and it's also extremely annoying. We'll start with your initial objective. Your castle is under attack and you have to go rescue it. Dive in with your troops, running to the middle west, and work your way through the enemy slowly. You should clear them out and be left with the smouldering ruins of your fort.

Now, start building up. It says to build the "most important buildings". Which are these? We built one of everything, and two of many things, and yet it took literally 1/2 hour or more before the enemy decided to come and visit us. In the meantime we twiddled our thumbs and chopped down the forest. Once the enemy comes, they include archers, swordsmen and horsemen. Be sure to have a welcoming party for them.

Tzar Walkthrough

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