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I was a beta-tester for Ultima Online, way back when. Now that they've come out with the Renaissance version, they have addressed all of my remaining complaints, and the game is incredible! Here are some notes I keep around to help me through the game.

Moving and Doing Things
  • Control-S: salute
  • Control-B: bow
  • Alt-R: instant map!
  • Alt-K: skill list
  • Alt-C: war/peace toggle
  • Alt-F: redo last skill (I defined this myself)
  • : emote (as in : chuckles)
  • ! yell (as in ! Help Help)
  • Double click on signs to read them
  • Even crops must be bought from the farmer!
  • Target practice doesn't help at all once you've reached 25/30 points. From then on, live game is the only way to improve.

Pet Commands
First, tame the pet. Keep following it and trying until it gets tamed. You learn the more you practice!
  • Left-click-and-slide on name to rename it (and see status)
  • Kitty, come (your pet's name for 'Kitty' of course)
  • Kitty, follow me
  • Kitty, follow (and then click on who to follow)
  • Kitty, bring (click on object)
  • Kitty, drop
  • "transfer" will give your pet to another person
  • "stable" to a stableperson (in Minoc, for example) for them to safely store your pet (for a fee)
  • "claim" to retrieve the pet
  • Drop the appropriate food (fish, chicken, carrots) on your pet to feed it.
  • Keep using animal lore on it to improve in the skill and see how your pet is feeling
  • When you're done with your pet, "release" it back into the wild.

Making Things
  • Buy flour, mix with water to make dough
  • Toss dough in oven to cook bread
  • double-click on pole (in portrait) to fish (point to water)
  • Catch fish, use knife on it to skin raw fish steaks
  • Toss fish steaks in oven (double click on fish) to cook fish
  • Mix fish with dough to make fish pies
  • The rumour is there are spots you can get water from lakes, if there are waves. Also, some barrels hold water.

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