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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough
Chapter Five - The Hunters of Shadows

Cenarius is upset with the orcs coming into his land, and it's time for a battle. You start out with no quests and with him destroying everything on the left side of the screen. Just have your minions there (there are only a few) run to your main base on the right. Set up towers all along the river and wards as well. You should be able to pretty much protect your base by maintaining the towers.

You'll soon be told to find the Chaos Well. GOod enough. Build up your forces and head north to another gold mine, then north to wolves. Chop the trees down further north to get in to the boglin merchants and furbolgs. You'll get an anti-magic potion and claws of attack +9.

I love building tons of raiders and trolls. The towers defend your base. Now head north and west. You'll get a peript of health for +300hp. There's a way gate, then left and up. You'll meet the fire guys with their Orb of Fire. Now left,up and east to the fountain of health. Now in the top center you find the pool. You get a ring of protection +3 from the defenders there.

The Witch Doctor says the pool is cursed. Grom says "Ah well" and drinks it anyway. Doesn't anybody have a brain here??? Great, so another hero is turned to the dark side. He embraces rage. Now you have red orcs. Gather back at the main base and gather a massive attack force. Now go straight west and start your final battle with Horse-Man :). Kill him and Mannoroth greets you.

Mission Time: 1:08 min

WarCraft III Walkthrough

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