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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough
Chapter Seven - The Oracle

This is a trudge-through-the-dungeon mission where your real aim is to keep everyone alive. Remember, you have a healer now!! So heal after every battle and always have 2 wolves with you. You should always have 9 people fighting at any time (your 7 units plus 2 wolves).

In the crates is a potion of healing. Get it. Break through the gate to the left. To the north is a mantle of intelligence +3. Now go south. Small S gate, go around to the left for octopus things and a ring of regeneration. Dead end, head back to middle room.

Now north east. To the southeast is a library dead end. North is lava, kill the guys for an orb of fire. +12 bonus with fire damage. TO the left of there is a tome of intelligence, read for +1. Now there's a fire bridge to the right. There are 2 sets of enemies ahead to the right. North is the King's Door which is locked.

Mission Time: min

WarCraft III Walkthrough

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