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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough
Chapter Three - Into the Realm Eternal

You just watched the dreadlords talk about the Legion's return and Lord Archimonde. Now you're into 6 days later at Quel'Thalas. Sylvanas comes and warns you off. I killed her while she was talking, but she reappears later on anyway :) You go east through the trees (either have ghouls cut them down or blast them with the meat wagons). There's a small village, then a bridge and a goblin merchant.

Build up your center with the Halls of the Dad and Temple of Damned. Head west for another bridge and goblin merchant, and a few enemies. Further west have goblins from above cut the trees south of your base to meet you there. While they do, head back east over that bridge, a bit north to a mana shrine. Get in there to that.

OK, bakc southwest and destroy the base there. There are rock golems to the south with a potion of greater healing. A fountain of mana is there. Build up a horde.

Across southeast to the main gate area. Destroy the enemy slowly but surely and then take out all the buildings. When you do, Sylvanas says to fall back to the second gate.

Mission Time: Approx 50 min

WarCraft III Walkthrough

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