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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough
Chapter Five - The Fall of Silvermoon

Tichondrius comes to warn you that Silvermoon will be well guarded. Kel'thuzad says that the hour of his rebirth is near. Neato :)

OK, first, you want to take out the base in the top left of the screen, and take out any runners. The runners are easy - just keep gargoyles near the base and have them hunt down any runners that emerge. After you've built up your attack force, send it up there to clear the base out. There's a healing spot in the lower right of the map to help you stay healthy. When you finally kill Silvanas, you get Wilvanas Windrunner as an undead to help you! You also get a hood of cunning +4 agility and +4 intellect. You can now build banshees.

There's a goblin merchant left of the base, gnolls south of the base with Scroll of the Beast, gnolls in the middle with a potion of greater mana, and tolls to the far left with no treasure.

Now, rebuild. Take over the gold mine in the top left to give you more money. Once you're full strength, and have your forces at the furthest eastern bridge on the map heading into town, run straight into the center spot where the 4 elementals are. Focus on killing them off. Once they are dead, just walk into the circle and you are all set. Kel'Thuzad arises!

Mission Time: 57 min

WarCraft III Walkthrough

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