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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough
Chapter Seven - The Siege of Dalaran

You're in the Wizard town, and Antonidas and two of his wizard buddies have put up auras to stop you. You have to find all 3 wizards and kill them.

The first wizard is easy. He's right above you. Just plow straight in, kill him, and you're set. One down! Now start building up your army and enhancements.

OK, second guy is up and left. First go to the mid left and take out the base there. Set up your own base and build lots of flying things. Just send in 9 gargoyles or so in at the second wizard. They can fly straight over the wizard and take him out. Now build up again.

There's a little town left of the original base with Dalar Downweaver. Take him out to get a health stone, which lets your increase life regeneration go up by 1hp/sec. Quite nice!

OK, there's a fountain of health to the NE of the second base you've built. So heal yourself up and then head east to take out the town there. Now you build a THIRD base here and build up for your final assault. You should have enough troops that it won't let you build any more. Now just plow north to the main wizard and kill him. You get the Spell Book.

Mission Time: 56 min

WarCraft III Walkthrough

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