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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough
Chapter Eight - Under the Burning Sky

The last Undead mission! You have 30 minutes to keep Kel'Thuzad alive.

The key to this is to BUILD TONS OF ZIGGERAUTS and keep them repaired. So have one or two acolytes stationed by each zig grouping. Have 6 to 8 to the north, east, and west of K'T. You don't even really have to use the health and mana fountains that are there.

They attack on the right first so make that your first goal, to build up those zigs. Move Zig for Great Justice! Then they attack the center. Grab the landmines to the northwest for the extra quest, but you need an open spot to pick them up.

Around :24 you get some hellhounds to help out. Around now send guy sto grab the gold mine and goblin merchnat to the right. You need lots of money to keep your zigs going! Around 10 min you get infernals. Near the end of course is a giant blitz on your entire base. Just fall back to the center and blast anything that comes near. If he survives to 0:00, even if you're about to be overrun, you win!

Mission Time: 30 min

WarCraft III Walkthrough

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