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World In Conflict Walkthrough
Mission 10 - Liberty Lost

You've got limited units on this one, so you definitely need to be careful about how and where you use your units. Move forward to the control point on the east side and use Hellfire missiles to take down the anti-air emplacement, then hit the machine gun emplacement with regular attacks. Pull back and let the ground units take out the Heavy Anti-Air on the left side of the island, then once that's down cover them by taking out the infantry. You can also help out the ground units by taking out the amphibious vehicles in the water to the north - these are also a prime target for Hellfire missiles. Move your entire force east to deal with the artillery units as quickly as possible, then move back - if you send too few units, they'll fall prey to the (small, but still present) anti-air unit protecting the artillery. Once the southern capture point is secured, move quickly to the northern point and take down the units on the point before they can reinforce. Use Hellfires on the amphibious vehicles and on the buildings garrisoned by enemy troops (the amphibious vehicles are a higher priority, since the buildings mostly contain riflemen who pose little threat to you or friendly vehicles). You'll get the ability to buy units once the island is secured - buy a Scout helicopter, and if you lose any units buy more Heavy Attack Helicopters (the Medium Attack Helicopters and their anti-air missiles are all but useless on this level). Let Bannon's units heal your helicopters, and head to the southeast side of the map, to the southern part of Governor's Island.

Switch your units to Box/Column Formation so that they're more closely knit (and less likely to be in range of an AA unit). Your main targets in the southern area of Governor's Island are the armored transports and heavy tanks (in that order - armored transports will shoot your helicopters up if you ignore them), so make liberal use of Hellfire missiles. Use the scout's IR sensor to check for units outside of your normal vision range. Keep an eye on your vehicles' health and if a helicopter gets down to half health, move it back to Ellis Island - wait any longer and it'll be too late to move out of range of the enemy's guns. Once the initial area is secured, save your Hellfire missiles for use against anti-air units that will be aiding the Soviet assault against your position. Concentrate your fire on anti-air units and armored transports, and keep an eye out for Medium Artillery that will shell the control points unless you destroy them. Once the area is secured and fortified, there will be friendly repair tanks on Governor's Island, so you won't have to fly all the way back to Ellis for repairs. Use Precision Artillery from the Tactical Aid menu to take care of any harpoon launchers you can see - they've got the same icon as heavy artillery units, and they've also got a good amount of anti-air defense, so it's better to use TA against them instead of risking your helicopters. The Soviets will move out into the large field to the north, which is a good place to blow up enemies and get TA to supply your Precision Artillery. There's a lot of AA, though, so keep an eye out and be ready to pull your helicopters back at a moment's notice. Don't leave them to their own devices when you're targeting tactical aid - pull them back so they're not ripped apart by a stray anti-air vehicle. If you run out of targets, move your helicopters forward just enough so they can see another Harpoon launcher, then drop an airstrike or a Precision Artillery on it and pull back.

Once you've destroyed 8 of the 10 launchers, you'll have to deal with the units on Liberty Island. This is a time-sensitive objective, so repair your helicopters and move over quickly. There's one Heavy AA unit on the western side of the island - remember to drop flares if you get within range, and use Hellfires to put it out of business before it destroys your units; otherwise, it's better to use a Precision Artillery to take it out once it's in visual range. There are other AA units on the island, but none armed with missiles. Use the Medium Helicopter's anti-air missiles or an anti-air strike to deal with the Heavy Attack Helicopters that the Soviets have on the island. The woods look like they should hold infantry that would be susceptible to napalm strikes, but in actuality there's no infantry in the woods (they're all garrisoned in buildings), so don't bother. Airstrikes cover a large enough area and the island is thickly inhabited enough that it is also a useful option in this area. Make a lot of quick guerilla attacks - go to Liberty Island, blow up as much stuff as you can, then fly back to Governor's Island to repair your units once they start getting hit. Target the armored transports and anti-air units; once the enemy is down to tanks, they're easy pickings.

Once Liberty Island is secure, you've got to deal with the northern part of Governor's Island. This part is just pure combat - keep an eye on your units' health bars and keep them firing as much as possible. There's so many units in this part that it's hard to keep track of them all, so be very careful to target anti-air units specifically before they take down your choppers. Attack from as far away as you can so that you have fewer units bearing down on you, and attack from the side facing the ocean, not from the inland side, so that you won't be ambushed from behind. Use napalm on the woods in the northeast to burn out the infantry hiding there, and use precision artillery to clear out the control points. Once again, use guerilla attacks - move your group forward, inflict as much damage as you can, and retreat once your units start taking damage. Take out any units that stray from the main force for easy TA points. It's really easy to lose your helicopters on this part, so be aware of where the main mass of anti-air units is located and move to attack a different control point if they get near. Once you've started to weaken a control point, keep pressing on it until all the fortifications and defending units are gone, then support the ground troops as they move in.

This is a battle of attrition - once you've destroyed enough units, they'll get replaced more slowly and you can move in for the kill. Once the four points are secured, drop as much napalm and light artillery barrages as you can on the northeast woods to take care of the infantry emerging there. Use your scout helicopter's scanning ability to find targets. After the infantry, some armored vehicles will come - take them out with Hellfire missiles. Then you'll get a large combined force - use light artillery barrages to take them out before they spread out.

World In Conflict Walkthrough

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