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World In Conflict Walkthrough
Mission 11 - Aftermath

You've got limited troops in this mission again - even moreso than the previous one. Move your units forward and use the Bradley to engage the infantry. Go to the crossing and repair Webb's tanks - use the Emergency Repairs ability on the two medium tanks, since they have more health. Once all four tanks are repaired, move with Webb's group of tanks; stay behind them and repair them. Use the Bradley to deal with infantry so that the tanks can focus on the vehicles. Try to identify the vehicles that are being targeted the most and keep repair tanks on them - they'll act as damage sponges so that the other vehicles aren't put in danger and you don't have to keep moving around to repair them. Holding down the ALT button will show all icons, so use that to keep tabs on their health. When you reach the area with the damaged tanks, repair the other repair tank first, then use that to repair Webb's troops while your other two repair tanks deal with the other broken-down vehicles. Your repair tanks are kind of dumb and will stack up so that only one can repair a vehicle; if that happens, manually move the repair tank in back to the other side of the vehicle being repaired. If you're pressured, remember that you can use Emergency Repairs.

Now the force has to split up. Leave the repair vehicle that you just got with Webb's unit (the one that's a lower rank than the other two) and take the other two vehicles and the Bradley over to the west. You want to head west and then follow the trail north and around - move through the forest to reach a light tank and an armored transport. The enemies get more numerous at the different points, which is why it's so important to follow the path correctly so that you'll have enough forces to deal with them. Fix up the light tank and the armored transport - if the infantry guarding them heads north, let them go for now and just concentrate on repairs. While the repair tanks are working, take this time to go back to Webb's forces and make sure that they're staying repaired. Remember to keep the repair vehicle behind Webb's tanks so it doesn't get blown up. Once the two vehicles are back in action, take the group and head north; run over the anti-tank infantry, then use missiles from the armored transports and light tank to defeat the enemy vehicles. Fix up the vehicles there, but realize you might be in range of the tank at the next point, so if you come under fire, return fire but don't move north.

Once the vehicles are back in action, take some time to make sure all your vehicles are at full health (including the repair tanks), then go check on Webb's unit. Head north and concentrate your fire on individual targets - use missiles on the medium tank specifically. Keep your repair tanks in close proximity to your armed units. Once the enemies are defeated, repair the tanks, then check on your own forces, then go check on Webb. Head east and go up the mountain on the south side of the valley - the one marked by burnt trees with orange embers still glowing. Fire on the Heavy Tank at the top with all of your missiles from all your different units, then fire at the infantry and armored vehicles from your vantage point. Put your medium tanks out on the edge to absorb the brunt of the incoming fire, and use the light tanks and armored transports to guard your flanks - keep the repair tanks at the center of this formation. Once the enemies are taken out, move down to the valley floor and repair the two vehicles. Assign the new repair tank to group 2 along with the one you found earlier to repair Webb's force, then assign the artillery unit to group 3 - this unit you won't need to move at all due to its long range.

Head south and use the artillery piece to fire on the Russians you encounter. Be aware of where you're firing so you don't accidentally shell your own units. Use the artillery as your primary weapon, and then clean up with your other units. The enemies don't move a lot, so just drop shells on where they are when you see them. Once the enemies are dead, remember to tell your artillery unit to stop firing. Move forward and there should be a big Russian force - use the artillery unit and Precision Artillery from the TA menu to take out the tanks before they mobilize. Move forward along with Webb's unit and keep both your units and Webb's units repaired as they engage the enemy. Concentrate your fire on the units he engages to take them down quickly. Once they're dead, remember to stop your artillery unit from firing and use all your repair tanks to repair the damaged vehicles. Concentrate on a vehicle at a time so there's more units in the fight more quickly. While you're repairing, move your artillery unit south to the ridge so that he'll be in range for the next part. Move your main force of armed units to the west to deal with the enemy there. There'll be a whole lot of enemies across the river once you've repaired all the units, so use your heavy artillery unit and Precision Artillery to blow them up while they're massed together. Put your units in range, but leave the heavy fighting to Webb and his tanks. Remember to keep them repaired. Fall back when you're ordered to; do it quickly so that Webb's tanks are between you and the enemy. Keep your heavy artillery unit firing on the enemy position so that it gets veterancy bonuses.

When the artillery spotter helicopters fly over, follow Webb south so you're not hit by artillery. Once you get access to it, use a triple Heavy Artillery Barrage and blanket the entire western riverbank with it. Move your units back over to the designated points and engage the enemy - put your combat vehicles in line formation and keep the repair tanks behind them. Divide your units into combat units (group 1) and repair units (group 2). Keep dropping Heavy Artillery Barrages (triple) as soon as the TA reloads; use airstrikes to fill in the gaps as it charges up. Head north with your combat units when you get the warning about being flanked, but keep your artillery firing to the west. Stay low behind the hills when moving north; there are heavy tanks that will hit you from afar if you pop up over the crests. Defeat both flanking groups and you'll get access to full Tactical Aid - use Carpet Bombing and Heavy Artillery Barrage to cover the entire western riverbank, and drop Daisy Cutters and Tank Busters when you see large individual groups of enemies.

This part is pretty chaotic, but try to keep friendly vehicles in good shape as best you can. There's some medium artillery coming at you from behind the enemy lines, so try to figure out where they are using the arc of the incoming shells and take them out with a strike; you don't have any helicopters or aerial recon, so you'll have to do the best you can with guesswork. Keep the pressure on with tactical aid and pull your units back if things get rough; Webb's tanks are tough enough to maintain the front without your combat units, if need be. Once the force is defeated, this mission is over.

World In Conflict Walkthrough

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