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World In Conflict Walkthrough
Mission 12 - Once More Unto The Breach

For this mission, take a lot of tanks and at least one repair vehicle. I went with 4 heavy tanks, 2 medium tanks, 1 light tank, and a repair vehicle. Head south to the church, keeping your heaviest units in front and your lighter tanks and repair vehicles behind. There are infantry in the woods to the east, so use white phosphorous rounds from your medium tanks or napalm strikes to take them out. Keep your heavy tanks pointing at the enemies in front of you and if any units slip through your lines, target them with medium or light tanks. Make heavy use of special attacks - use the heavy tank's attack on light vehicles, the medium tank's attack on infantry, and the light tank's attack on tanks. Take the two points and move your heavy units to the eastern point and your lighter units to the west. When the infantry emerge from the north, drop a single heavy artillery barrage on them (so you don't waste too many points). Dig in and then move north to the river; use the "move backwards" command so that you have your front to the enemies attacking from the east. While you're at the river, take the opportunity to repair your units.

After the artillery hits, move east. Drop a Daisy Cutter bomb on the south-west control point in the town; you'll also get the tanks that were moving that way to defend it. Move toward the town and take out the control points one by one; leave at least one tank guarding the road south so you can get the secondary objective. Leave your light units at the southwest point, then take the other points with your heavy tanks. When you get the warning about the heavy artillery barrage, move all your units far south of the town regardless of whether they've fortified or not, then move back in as soon as the barrage stops. There will be a huge force of tanks that gets dropped in the town as soon as the barrage is over, so when you see parachutes coming down drop a tank buster right where they land - a daisy cutter works too, but it's a lot slower and they'll probably move out of the area before it lands. Use tactical aid to deal with this force and take back the control points. If you have to use your tanks, don't rush forward - let them come to you and deal with them as they come so you don't get overwhelmed. Once they're destroyed, move your light units onto the southwest points and your heavy units to the north and southeast. Fortify your position and repair your units.

Once all three points are secure, move south (not north) and cross the small bridge across the river to the east. Before you head to the control points, use an aerial recon on the southern control point and drop as much Tactical Aid as you can on the vehicles and on the infantry hiding in the forests. Use tank busters for the vehicles and napalm for the infantry to get the most out of your points. It's important to use napalm on the forest strip that divides the north and south points as well as on the forest just south of the southern points; both are good places for infantry to ambush you as you try to fortify. Put your heaviest tanks on the north point and your lighter tanks on the south point. Remember to take the opportunity to repair as you fortify. Expect attacks from the north by light armored vehicles. Capturing the area quickly will get you two free MLRS units; set the dropzone to the southern part of town (where they'll be out of the way and defended by your fortifications). Dig in and fight off the enemy assault. While you're fighting the enemy off, you can drop some tactical aid on the enemy units at the Dam to make the next part easier.

Once you've defeated the enemy at the sawmill, move north and west into the town. Use aerial recons to spot targets for your MLRS units and tactical aid; once you've hit the enemy with that, move your tanks in. There will be helicopters at this part, so be sure to use the anti-air tactical aid when you see them, since neither you nor Webb has any anti-air defense. Keep pressing west and destroy all the Soviets you can see. When you get through the inital round, you'll have to take control points in the town; use aerial recon to cover the town and look for hidden units, then drop artillery on all the command points except for the eastern one. Drop napalm on the forest near the eastern command point, then move your tanks onto it. Leave your light units at the eastern point, then move to the west with your heavy units. Take the southern point and leave the other two to Webb; if you're pressured, send units there as quickly as you can after you clear the point with artillery. The helicopters will be your biggest concern in this part, so keep the AA tactical aid covering as much of the area as you can. After you capture the points, the enemy will attack primarily from the west, near the bridge; drop as much artillery as you can to slow them down and prevent their counterattack. Once the town is secure, move in and wipe out what's left; if you've kept the artillery firing on them, they shouldn't be a problem.

World In Conflict Walkthrough

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