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World In Conflict Walkthrough
Mission 13 - Before the Storm

This mission is another "limited forces in the beginning" one. You start in an annoyingly precarious position for the special objective; send two AAV east and the two AAVs west. Try to keep your AAVs back and move your infantry forward to take out the fortifications. Take out the Anti-Tank emplacements as soon as you see them, or you'll end up losing your AAVs. After the Anti-Tank emplacement at a location is out, you can safely move your AAVs in to deal with the infantry and light vehicles, and then the AA fortification. Take out all three bases - you pretty much HAVE to split your forces up to deal with all three; if you try and move one large group from point to point, you won't have enough time.

Once the AA fortifications are down, you can order some units. Buy some infantry (mostly Anti-Armor with some regular squads) and at least one scout helicopter; keep in mind that you can order attack helicopters, as they will be helpful later if your ground units start getting swamped and you have an opportunity to buy something new. Move your infantry through the woods to the southern checkpoint, and roll your AAVs up the hill to the north and circle them around to the southern control point as well. Attack with your infantry from the woods and move onto the control points to fortify them.

Once the south is fortified, leave only a small force behind (or, alternately, you can just keep checking with your helicopters to make sure the area is secured, since they're the most mobile units you can have), then head north. If you lose the southern area at any point, buy some light tanks and move them in to quickly reinforce the southern point. While you're heading north, watch out for infantry coming from the woods and drop airstrikes on the two northern control points. If you've lost some units, now would be a good time to invest in some heavy attack helicopters. Hit the first control point with your infantry and destroy the anti-air and anti-armor emplacements, then move your other units in. Place an equal grouping of units on each control point. Once you start digging in, look out for amphibious transports coming in from both sides. Use your helicopters to take them out before they run over your soldiers.

To deal with the anti-air secondary objective, drop some rangers in the woods near the designated points. As soon as you can, drop artillery on the anti-air units and finish them off with airstrikes - take too long, and your rangers will be destroyed. If you lose your rangers, drop some more; there's a lot of AA at each point, and using rangers or tactical aid is the only safe way to deal with them. If you've damaged an anti-air unit with artillery or an airstrike and they only have a tiny amount of health left, napalm is an accurate way to do enough damage to finish it off. Taking out the AA will give you some more tactical aid.

The Spetsnaz (for the other secondary objective) are in grids C-1, C-3, and B-3 - press "M" to bring up the megamap and check the grid for their location. Use aerial recon or a scout helicopter's infrared ability to look for the spetsnaz, then drop napalm on them. The unit in C-1 is in the middle of the woods; the unit in C-3 is on the edge of the woodline, and the unit in B-3 is in the woods at the bottom of a cliff.

Once both launchers are secured and fortified, your drop zone will change. You've got to both defend the points you have and attack the Marina. Move your helicopters to the southern point immediately to deal with the rush of tanks there and leave your other units in the north to defend against the enemy there. Move your units in the north to the western point, which is where most of them will attack. Once you've fought off the initial counterattack, leave some units at the northern and southern command points (on the western point of each) and move the bulk of your units toward the marina. If you've got to buy new units, the best units to choose are anti-tank infantry and heavy attack helicopters, and it's better to drop them at the southern point where they have a more direct run at the Marina. Use aerial recon to spot enemies in the town, then take them out with laser-guided bombs or tank busters. Move in with your infantry and use helicopters to keep watch for enemy armored units. Move some units onto the point and put as many infantry as you can in the houses near the points so they don't get run over. Remember to keep an eye on the ASM launchers at this point and move your helicopters back to deal with enemies attacking the points if your defenders are getting overwhelmed. Once you've captured fortified each of the Marina points, this mission is over.

World In Conflict Walkthrough

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