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World In Conflict Walkthrough
Mission 14 - One Last Fight

For this mission, the only units you should get are heavy tanks and repair tanks - everything else will just get blown up in the frantic fighting. You'll get two windfalls of reinforcement points during this mission, so don't worry about leaving some points left over in your initial spending. I went with 5 heavy tanks and 1 repair tank; the excess points can be used later. When the area to the southwest is highlighted, move forward and engage the enemy until you can afford a heavy artillery barrage, then drop is on the location. Move west and concentrate your fire on each individual enemy - actually order your units to attack, because if you leave them to their own devices they'll shoot at the enemies Webb is fighting. Don't forget to attack the buildings housing Soviet infantry, too; use precision artillery if you can get it, as it will take a long time to take it out with your tanks. Defeating all the enemies will get you your first batch of bonus reinforcement points; I used it to buy another heavy tank. Head back to the diner and point your units southwest, with the repair tank behind them. Use precision artillery or tank busters on enemies bunched up down the road. If you've got enough heavy tanks and a repair tank to cover them, this part should be no problem, and will get your units veterancy in the process.

Once the attack is over, move south and target the anti-armor fortification on the first point. While you're attacking the first point, use tank busters on the other two points' fortifications to soften them up for your attack. Keep your units moving forward so you're not overwhelmed by enemy forces or hit by artillery. When you get word about the ships, go over to where they're marked on the map and use one laser guided bomb on each - aim for the center of the ship and they'll go down easily. Before you move to the third point, drop a heavy artillery barrage on the entire triangle-shaped area that the point is guarding to destroy the large enemy force that will come after you. If you find yourself engaged by these forces, launch smoke from your tanks' smoke launchers and pull back until the artillery hits. Move forward and engage the enemy; stay in one place and shoot at the enemies with your tanks so that if helicopters come to attack you, you can just drop an Anti-Air strike on top of your units and deal with them. Clearing the last point will get you another 1000 reinforcement points; you can either buy another tank or a utility vehicle like a repair tank or a heavy anti-air vehicle. A heavy AA vehicle can be useful when dealing with the upcoming sub-objective, so you might want to go for that just for the objective, then get rid of it and buy a tank.

Secure the harbor by putting most of your units on the two "edges" - the north and south control points - and a smaller force on the two middle ones, which are less open to attack. Start with the north point, leave a vanguard behind once you've cleared it, and move your other units southward. Use precision artillery to clear out each control point, then move onto it. The biggest concern in this part is that you're too split up, so remember to leave less units in the middle control points and focus on the two outer points. Hold the positions and fortify them.

To deal with the helicopters, move a heavy AA unit over to the designated area and hide it behind a building. Wait for the helicopters to show up and the AA will destroy them like clockwork. You can also try to use an anti-air tactical aid, but due to the irregular pattern that the helicopters have, this is much less likely to work. Once you've completed the objective, trade in your Heavy AA for a tank or a repair vehicle by selecting the AA unit and pressing delete.

Once you've fortified the harbor route, you'll get some more reinforcement points, then you'll have to attack the Soviet main base. Don't move in immediately; use laser-guided bombs on almost every building in the compound, including the guard towers and the main building. Be cautious - don't move forward until you've dropped laser-guided bombs on as many buildings as you can. Use this time to order new units (getting 8 heavy tanks and 1 repair tank will use your entire budget completely) and repair your vehicles. Once you're certain you've bombed as much as you can, move your tanks cautiously towards the main gate. If you've taken out most of the guard towers, this part should be pretty easy - just roll in with your tanks and blow up everything you can see. Spread your forces out evenly on the points once you've captured them - the Soviets will blow holes in the wall in multiple locations, so they're not limited to coming in through the front gate. Remember to move your tanks so that they're facing the main enemy force, or else they'll get hit from behind and take more damage.

After the base is taken, you'll have to defend against a Soviet counterattack. Spread your forces out equally - you'll get another repair tank, a heavy anti-air, and some heavy artillery, so use them wisely. Put the anti-air in between the three points and move it back and forth as needed. If you have 8 heavy tanks, one of your points is going to be less-defended than the others (the eastern one is best for this), so keep a repair tank there permanently to back the tanks up and move the other one between the other two points. This part is basically the final test of your unit management and tactical aid skills - use artillery to cover the main approaches for each of the three control points (the major roadways the enemies use) and keep your tanks firing on enemy units. Use the MLRS heavy artillery when the enemy clusters up in a large group or to block off areas where enemy units are coming from. Remember to keep an eye out for helicopters and move your Heavy AA unit to deal with them - they'll mostly come from the western side. Keep the heavy artillery barrages pounding down on your enemies and eventually the rush will slow down. You'll re-establish contact with the air force and be able to buy reinforcements again, as well as use tactical aid. Use tank busters to run down the main streets and hit large groups of enemies with Daisy Cutter and Carpet Bombing. The best TAs for this entire section are heavy artillery and Daisy Cutters; use them to maintain a defensive shield of fire and keep the Russians at bay. Once you've beaten them back enough, Wilkins will come to support you and you'll have saved the city.

World In Conflict Walkthrough

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