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World In Conflict Walkthrough
Mission 2 - Reunion

Move your units to the control points. Divide them equally; each control point should have 1 Bradley, 1 Humvee, and 1 Infantry squad. It works better if you move the anti-tank squad to the eastern point and the regular squad to the western one, since there are more vehicles coming from the east side. Keep the Bradleys up front to take the damage and repair them with the Humvees. Once you've fortified, load the infantry up into the Bradleys and move to the objective marker. Keep the Bradleys up front and the Humvees behind; if the Humvees get hit, use them to heal each other. Once you've done that objective, move towards the other objective; you may have to disembark your infantry for this if your Bradleys start getting in over their head. Take out the vehicles and then return to the bridgehead - once again, keep the 1 Bradley/1 Humvee/1 Squad on each checkpoint formation. Keep your Bradleys healed and make use of special abilities (espeically TOW missiles and the Humvee's AP rounds). When you get the light tanks, move one onto each control point and maintain them just like you do the Bradleys. If a unit is getting really hurt, use a smokescreen and pull it back behind the control point, then heal it with a Humvee. Enemies will try to flank you from the east, then from the west; be aware of where your Humvees are in relation to these flanks and pull them back if they start getting hurt.

After a cutscene you'll be on the south end of the bridge. Place your units facing south and divide them equally on the control points again. Keep your armored vehicles in front of your infantry and humvees so they don't get run over or blown up. You'll also get reinforcements; for the amount of points you can get, the best bet to me seemed to be 6 light tanks and 1 anti-air vehicle. Place your new units - whatever you get - on the points, then take your humvees and 1 escort unit - a Bradley or a light tank - and repair the anti-air vehicles to the east. Assign both humvees to repair an AA vehicle, then go back and check on the bridgehead. If a unit gets injured, move it back behind its fellows. Use your units' special attacks as often as you can. Once you hear an AA unit has been repaired, task the humvees to repair the next one and move their escort over to it as well. Keep this up until all 3 are repaired, at which point you should move them back to the bridgehead. Order the M60 tank from your reinforcement menu as your reward for completing the side objective.

Once the bridgehead is secure (remember to use your special attacks), move over to the hospital and divide your troops up equally again. If you've still got infantry, move a squad into the hospital to take cover. Drop tactical aid (laser-guided bombs and tank busters) on the designated houses to slow down the enemy's reinforcements. Keep an eye on your vehicles' health and use artillery strikes on areas where it looks like enemy units are coming from. Once the hospital is secure, you'll have to support Bannon with tactical aid. Heavy artillery barrages and heavy air strikes are your main bread-and-butter for this. Drop heavy artillery around Bannon's position (don't place the red circle over his troops) and place the heavy air strikes right on top of his position (the heavy air strike only targets enemies and doesn't hurt friendly units). Use the "triple placement" thing (the bottom-right number of the little window for each type of tactical aid) to make the most out of your aid. Also, drop laser-guided bombs on the different points highlighted as secondary objectives - there's one on the north shore and four on the south shore, so be sure to get them all. Once Bannon's units are safely across, keep dropping artillery on the enemy units until the mission is over.

World In Conflict Walkthrough

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