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World In Conflict Walkthrough
Mission 3 - Battle for Pine Valley

Start by ordering your forces - I went with 2 Bradleys, 2 anti-tank infantry squads, and a repair tank - 4 Bradleys and a repair tank also works well, though. If you have points left over, try to make it so that you're exactly 500 short of a unit you want, because you'll get more points later. If you get any infantry, get them into the transports quickly or they'll be picked off by sniper fire. Move forward and take out the smokestack, then press on to the gas station. Use missiles on the light tanks first, then focus on the building, then the infantry. Secure the gas station and dig in - you'll get another 500 reinforcement points. The tactical aid in this level consists of air-lifted light tanks, so every time you hit 10 TA drop one down to help your unit out. Try to get all 5 light tanks before you secure the strongpoints in the town or you'll lose access to them.

Once you're fortified, group all your units together so you can get more fire on your enemies. Move down the street - if you've got armored units, just roll down the street in box formation firing missiles at enemy tanks, and have any repair vehicles behind them patching them up. If you've got infantry units, have them go through the wooded areas or jump from house to house to avoid getting killed. Just after the first checkpoint there is an AA unit in the woods behind some houses - take it out so that the friendly scout choppers can help you out. Keep moving down the same street and turn facing the second checkpoint; wipe out everything there. Watch out for the anti-tank fortification that's present there. After that, keep heading down the same main street and turn to face the third strong point - the enemy will be dealing with Bannon coming from the other direction, so you'll hit them from behind. Keep your entire group focused on targets or else they'll wander and end up not doing much good. After the strongpoints are taken out, re-supply your troops and, if you beat the last segment quickly enough, order your bonus M1 tank. Head south on the western road and turn right when you hit the billboard. Go through the woods and move toward the TV station. Have your M1 lead the way and have the other vehicles and units come behind it. Order any infantry squads into the TV station's buildings (order them to move, then have them sprint), then move your armored vehicles onto the points. Move first onto the eastern point, then attack the western point from there and move onto it. Completing this objective gets you another 500 reinforcement points.

Move up to the supermarket. Move your infantry into the market itself, then move most of your heavy anti-vehicle weapons (tanks) to the western point and your anti-infantry weapons (Bradleys) to the east. If you've got a repair tank or a humvee, move it over to Bannon's tank when he calls for it (if you've got both a repair tank and a humvee, send the humvee; you need the repair tank more than he does). Doing so will get you another bonus M1 tank. As far as fire support goes, light and heavy artillery barrages should be your main choices - the others are too precise, too slow, and too limited for this kind of fighting. When you get the warning that artillery is incoming, you have to scramble as fast as you can. Get every unit south as fast as you can; leave behind only as many infantry carriers as it will take to hold your infantry squads, and then get them out quickly too. Heal your units and head to the southeast point - while on the way, you can bombard it with light artillery strikes so it'll be easier to capture when you arrive. Arrange your units in a line facing down the road to the south so you'll be better able to repair them from behind. Any infantry should either go in the houses on the right or in the woods on the left. As soon as you get into position, burn down the woods near the western point (to the right) with napalm. Keep light and heavy artillery firing in front of your position to serve as a sort of shield for your units. Hold the position until you get the warning about mortar fire; when that happens, drop cluster bombs ("airstrike" in the tactical menu) on each of the points marked. Use tank busters to clean up whatever doesn't die (make an "X" over the target point by using two tank busters). Dealing with both of them will get you more tactical aid; use it to keep up your protective shield of artillery.

When you get the alert to pull back to the town square, drop as much artillery as you can on the road you've been defending, then pull back. Move to the town square and fortify. Have your heaviest units on the east side, but keep an eye out on the western front, as well. Get any infantry squads in buildings near the control points. Keep dropping artillery on the southeast road where the enemy is bunched up. Use tank busters down the narrow northeast road when enemy armor rolls down it. Keep an eye out for helicopters and use your new anti-air tactical aid against them. Use the anti-air strike as a sort of curtain - drop as many as you can over as much of your "territory" as you can to ensure your safety against helicopter units. When the mortar unit needs help, send some light armor (light tanks or Bradleys) to help them out - they're not particularly useful, though, since most of your enemies are armored and thus too fast to worry about mortar fire. Keep them firing on either the southeast or northeast roadways so that they'll provide a constant stream of support fire.

Defend the town as best you can until the Missouri shows up. When it does, use its guns in the Tactical Aid menu (use the triple-placement option for best effect) and pinpoint large clusters of enemy units. The shots come quickly, so aim reasonably close to them, but still adjust for the time it takes for the shells to arrive. Cluster your shots together; make either clumps of circles (like a triangle shape) or a line going down a street. The main road from the town center to the western beach is a good location for placing artillery strikes, as is the road going parallel to the beach. Keep an eye on your own units and try to intercept enemy units before they get close to your own units. Keep the fire up and this battle will be over.

World In Conflict Walkthrough

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