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World In Conflict Walkthrough
Mission 6 - Seeing the Elephant

In this mission, you've got a lot wider array of forces to choose from. Depending on your preference, you may choose to focus on different branches, but you should have ground units (mostly armored) first and air units only as backup. With 7000 points, I went for 4 heavy tanks, 1 repair tank, and 1 heavy helicopter (with 100 points left over). Move forward slightly and let your vehicles deal with the units coming out of the vineyard. Move your tanks forward in line formation, with your repair vehicles behind that line, and use the helicopters to mop up any enemies on the side. Watch out for artillery rounds and for infantry units, who are armed with anti-air missiles. Move your armored units forward and sweep into the vineyard. Drop some air strikes on the vineyard (laser-guided on the mansion, air strikes on the enemies near it).

As soon as the air strikes are down (don't worry about the enemies being completely dead), rush in so that you can get in before you're pinpointed with artillery fire. Make sure to take out the anti-air units before you move your helicopters over. Be sure to keep your tanks' fronts pointed toward the enemy and keep the repair tank behind them. Once you've cleared the vineyard, head west on the road. Ahead is a bunker - hit it with a laser-guided bomb. Some helicopters will come over, so use your tanks' smoke grenades to conceal yourself and put an anti-air tactical aid in the area the helicopters are hovering. Move forward and be very careful to watch for anti-air; task your tanks to hit it as soon as you see one. Drop another laser-guided bomb on the bunker overlooking the slope, then head up it. Use precision artillery to clear out the enemies, but don't fire near the two white anti-air vehicles. Hold your helicopters back, as the enemy has anti-air of their own. Enter the camp and take out the anti-air as quickly as you can (there are mobile vehicles + fortifications), then move in your helicopters for support. When you get the warning about infantry hidden in the woods, use a radar scan from the tactical aid menu, then hit the hidden infantry with napalm strikes. Finish off the enemy units and fortify the points. Take this time to repair your vehicles, too. Enemies will come from the north, so focus your attention there.

Once you secure the base, you'll get the AA units you managed to save, and some bonus artillery units from the reinforcement menu. Set the drop zone to the base you're at now and order the artillery units. Once they arrive, use a radar scan on the town and fire (use "attack ground" from the artillery's menu instead of right-clicking) on any building with enemies in it. There's no time limit for this part, so take your time and bombard the town as much as you can. Keep hitting the town until all the defenders are gone. Place your units on the slope while you do this so you can guard against incoming enemies. Once you're satisfied with how beat-up the town is, or you've used up your TA, move your armor into the town slowly and methodically. Clear each area before moving on so you don't get in over your head and ambushed.

Once the town is clear, change the drop zone to the town and order in some reinforcements. Move your artillery out of the base and onto the slope - this is important, or they'll get destroyed later. Move quickly to fortify the various points - the ones on the major roadways going north, northeast, and east are the most important ones. As soon as you've got one area fortified as much as you can, move the troops to a different point and fortify that. Once all the areas are fortified, move all your units back to the town center. Point your tanks north, east, and west, and keep the repair tanks in the center of them so that they're protected from all sides. When the enemy comes, drop Precision Artillery on massed groups of them - the other Tactical Aids are basically useless against mobile armor. Hold your position in the central area and wait for the waves to die down, and this mission will be over.

World In Conflict Walkthrough

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