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Lisa Shea
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World In Conflict Walkthrough
Mission 8 - Beyond the Iron Curtain

For this mission, you'll get four squads of elite rangers. Divide them into two groups of two - Team A and Team B. Move both groups through the woods to the east. Stay in the woods and drop artillery on the armored units in the control point; shoot the infantry from the woodline, then move to the point. You'll have to take out some anti-air units. Notice that the woods to the east are split by power lines - move two ranger squads to the northern side of the woods, and move the other two to the southern side. Stay in concealment and use direct artillery to take out the anti-air. Be sure to stay in the woods to avoid enemy fire. You'll get 4000 reinforcement points once the anti-air is cleared.

Try to get enough transports to move your infantry around - I went with two armored transports, three infantry squads, and a troop transport, as well as four trucks for my rangers (which are free). Put your trucks on the eastern point (it won't be attacked), put your infantry units in the woods for the southern point, and put your armored units and vehicles on the western point. It's hard to coordinate your defense in this section, so keep an eye out and make use of your units' special abilities. Drop two ranger units near the power plant and as soon as their artillery power is charged up, drop it on the highlighted building. Also, either send an AA gun over to help out Bannon, or target the helicopters with an Anti-Air tactical aid - you'll have some helicopters of your own to worry about, but if you have infantry or armored transports (use the "SABOT rounds" special ability when shooting at helicopters) they're not that big a deal. The NATO version of the AA tactical aid is kind of poor (it locks on really slowly), so use all your TA for a triple-attack and blanket the entire area so you don't miss them.

Once the crash site is secure, load your units up in vehicles and head out as quickly as possible to the south. Drop napalm on the woods around the pass that gets created through the woods so that infantry can't ambush you. Drop heavy artillery barrages and tank busters on the train station to weaken it, then rush in - your units are sparse, so keep that in mind and conserve your forces. Hold your light units (trucks) back and move in with your armored transports and infantry. Fortify the train station as best you can and leave your ranger units behind to serve as guards. Move to the apartment complex; when you use TA in this area, be aware that it will often be blocked by the buildings. Use tank busters and aim it down the street across the first checkpoint, then move your units onto it. Have your infantry take cover in the apartments. Save most of your TA for heavy artillery barrages and tank busters against the units moving to attack the train station. Try to hit them before they get in close and disgorge their infantry.

If you lose the train station, they'll start building up reinforcements almost immediately, so don't lose it. Move from point to point at the apartments and try to keep your units alive - don't stay in one place too long. Once you get the order to secure the escape route, bombard the two enemy-held control points with as much artillery as you can - you're going to need it to break through with the small force that you're given. Move forward and secure the points; once you've broken through the initial force, there shouldn't be many reinforcements.

World In Conflict Walkthrough

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