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Lisa Shea
BellaOnline's Computer / Console Game Editor


World In Conflict Walkthrough
Mission 9 - Lair of the Bear

Go mainly with tanks for the beginning of this one. My force was 4 heavy tanks and 1 repair tank - it's also possible to take 5 tanks, but the repair tank is crucial to maintaining your veteran units. Move forward and use a cluster bomb to deal with the enemy infantry. Move forward and clear the first control point, then charge the second. Be thorough and wipe out all enemies. Put most of your units on the eastern point and only a small group on the point next to the sub. Securing the sub will get you some more reinforcement points, but don't spend them just yet. The base mentioned as a sub-objective is to the east; criss-cross the open area inside the fence with tank busters and you'll get the helicopters. Move your tank column north and stop periodically to deal with the groups of enemies - don't keep pressing ahead or you'll get more units involved. Put an airstrike on each of the two control points, then take them.

Again, put most of your units on the eastern point and only some on the western point near the sub. You'll get some more reinforcement points; you should have enough now to buy another tank or repair vehicle (don't forget to change your reinforcement location). Blanket the eastern field with tank busters and artillery; use the parachutes falling to figure out where enemy units are coming from. If you're pressured by infantry, use napalm to create a wall of fire in front of your position that will slow them down for a little while. To deal with the artillery, use an airstrike on the general position, then target the artillery units with laser-guided bombs (they won't move). In general, keep your tanks facing east and have a repair unit behind them and you'll do okay.

Once the sub is secure, move on to the apartments. Use tank busters down the street to clear each of the three control points, then use laser-guided bombs to clear out the apartments (all of them are occupied). Clear the area point-by-point - focus all your units on clearing them, then move onto the points. Try to spread your forces evenly and keep your repair tank moving from point to point to keep them in shape. Most of your enemies will come from the north, so focus there if you can - only a few enemies will come from the west. You'll get some helicopters coming, too, so if you lose a unit take this opportunity to buy some regular infantry squads (they have anti-air missiles). Once you've got the area fully secured (two levels of fortification at each point), move back to the southern submarine. Use tank busters on the masses of enemies (remember to use the triple-option) and hold the western points near the sub. Fortify each position.

There's not much you can do for strategy at this point, so keep your tanks repaired, keep your repair vehicles behind your tanks, and hold on. Target airstrikes on the landing points (watch for where the enemy parachutes land) and use tankbusters on masses of enemies. When Bannon's troops fall back, use napalm to form a wall separating the dock from the land. When the enemy attacks in force, use tank busters and airstrikes to completely choke up their approach.

World In Conflict Walkthrough

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