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Way of the Samurai Walkthrough:
The Kuroa Clan

The Kuroa Clan is the original Clan that controlled this area, that owns the foundry. It is in negotiations with the government to turn the foundry over to them on Day 2.

The older leader of the clan, father to Kitcho (of the Akadama) and also to the young baby Kintaro. Husband to Murasaki. He's prone to poetry and flowery talk but is great with a sword.

A woman who is said by some in the same to be great with finances and to have really helped the Kuroa clan. She's also sleeping with the nasty-looking policeman. Undoubtedly as part of a plot. She's the mother of the baby Kintaro.

The trusted guard of the Kuroa family, he's the one they send to roust Suzu from the station restaurant, and to guard the baby on his walk in the evening. He's the one that catches Murasaki in her affair.

The ruffian of the Kuroa family, with a really interesting tattoo on his upper body. He's the one you see stealing Suzu at the beginning on the bridge. Interestingly, at the very end, one of the endings has him joining you against the government when he realizes they're trying to kill Suzu.

Way of the Samurai Walkthrough

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