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Way of the Samurai Walkthrough:
The Akadama Clan

The Akadama Clan have only been in town a month. The leader, Kitcho, is the estranged son of the leader of the Kuroa family. He's being led into this attack by his friend Kyuga, who you learn later on is really a government spy.

He looks like someone from Final Fantasy 8 - leater and fluffy edgings. He loves Chelsea and tries to do what's best for his group, but it turns out he's being manipulated against his father, Tesshin.

This blonde beauty is from England, and is in love with Kitcho. She'll eagerly jump in to defend him and in one ending dies protecting him from bullets.

This hot-head really does want the best for the Akadama but he doesn't like all this sitting around. His haircut is really bizarre and it looks like he's almost missing hair on the side of his head. He's usually one of the first to die, getting killed off for his impetuousness in the evening of Day 1. Try to keep him alive!

The fourth leader of the Akadama clan warns you in town to stay away from the conflict. And for good reason - he's a government spy, and is trying to get the Akadama and Kuroa to kill each other off. He doesn't want you to interfere!

Way of the Samurai Walkthrough

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