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Way of the Samurai Walkthrough:
Special Features

The game is meant to be played over and over, gathering points each time you play. Your point total helps you unlock various special features. Since you don't get an even number of points when you play - sometimes you earn 5, sometimes you earn 100 - some of my guesses on the exact # of points you need might be off a few in one direction or another.

625 - new battle map - moonlit train, 4th over
725 - white outfit (5th over)
805 - Shiretoko in multiplayer
900 - Kuroa Punk B in multiplayer
1070 - Kitcho and Tokoyo in multiplayer
1100 - Female head (with its own special body) (4th over) plus pant-outfit (6th over)
1200 - Tesshin and ninja in multiplayer
1300 - Official A in multiplayer
1400 - Official B in multiplayer
1715 - Chelsea in multiplayer. Just middle two on bottom now.
1855 - new battle map - wrestling mat
2000 - get new face - ninja head
2385 - Kurikichi (old guy) in multiplayer

Way of the Samurai Walkthrough

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